Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet- Store Altcoins Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency

Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet- Store Altcoins Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency

Here is our in-depth review on the Ledger Nano S. Secure your bitcoins, altcoins and cryptocurrency securely with the Ledger Nano S.

Get yours here – http://bit.ly/AltcoinBuzzWallet


  1. NANO S is a pain to use, and only holds 7 coins
    Kinda pitiful storage also.

  2. I just got 0.1 BTC via this website. Google "bitxploit" for more info

  3. can u store FUN, ARK, PPC, GVT, PAY, VIA?

  4. I can't install or uninstall apps on mine. The support just blames my computer and doesn't tell me how to fix anything. I wouldn't recommend this wallet. Seems to have compatibility issues and there is no support.

  5. We could have read the website ourselves you idiot.

  6. Do you need an address for each different kind of coin?

  7. so say I have 1 bitcoin, I can transfer this onto the ledger nano S. As the price of bitcoin rises and falls will that reflect on the nano? I want to transfer my coins on it, however I want to be able to continue to make money and buy/sell. Can I do this with the nano or is this an item for once I sell the coins, I transfer it into the nano? Thanks

  8. what if my ledger s battery malfunction? can i still retrieve my coins?

  9. This video is the equivalent of asking for help at a hardware store and the staff just looks at the back of the box and reads it to you.

  10. too bad these hardware wallets only support a select number of alt coins.

  11. Great video on how to set this up.. thanks! On another note noticed that in the ledger nano S site it lists only certain Alt Coins as being supported. Is there no way to store other Alt coins on the Ledger Nano S? For example IOTA is not listed as one of the natively supported coins. Does this mean I can't store any IOTA in the Nano S?

  12. you reviewed nothing, you read the website.

  13. I still don't understand how you can recover your crypto if you lose your Nano Ledger S. If I lose ad Ledger and then buy a new one, how does entering my 24 word recovery words get my crypto back? Makes it seem like the physical Ledger is good for nothing and serves no purpose. What am I missing? It's not like we store our crypto at the Nano Ledger company's site and then merely access it with our secret 24 words.

  14. Thats not review that is just you repeating whats written . Lol

  15. man the sound is unbearable sorry i had to stop after 1 minute

  16. Hi , I have some Altcoins including Cardano ( ADA), nano list don't support ADA, so what do you recommend to do to save all of my coins including ADA ? please help. THANKS

  17. hi, iw would like to store altcoins like cardano and even less popular altcoins as safe as possible to hodl. what can i use???

  18. Since the Nano S can only hold 4 – 5 coins, can you removed the coin from Nano S to free up space then load a new coin for safe Keeping? So let's say you have 10 LTC, and would like to add XRP to Nano S, but you don't have enough space to install XRP to Nano S, can you delete the LTC wallet then install XRP. In this scenario, the LTC wallet you deleted, can still be recovered, correct?

  19. Everything put on this channel is magnificent! Not sure who the presenter is but even I could read word for word off the website about the Ledger Nano S. Was anticipating to view a real life version and see it operating. Aside from that I respect the channel and promote it 🙂

  20. What if the ledger nano spoil?? How to get back our coins??

  21. Love your channel .I use the Ledger Nano.
    Honestly you could have explained better HOW IT WORKS. As an example when you open the Bitcoin Wallet you can view your Bitcoin balance , but You Have To Close that application and go back to the "Bitcoin Wallet " to view your Litecoin. Not trying to be too critical , but all the info you give on specifications etc. do me no good as just showing us the features and how they work !
    Enough Said . I believe these "Hardware Wallets " are indispensable for holding these valuable assets.

  22. Okay pretty confused here. If you lose this you can simply use the recovery feature of your 20 words to get all your coins back correct?

    By simple logic that would mean that everything is stored on a server.

    So is this device literally just a wallet that forces you to click a button for transaction? Couldn't we do the same thing with any USB authentor device?

  23. What's the difference between the larger pad and the smaller one?

  24. Miles Dixon-Gross

    Your in-depth review?? I planned on getting this hardware wallet and I would’ve expected a video of you explaining your experience. Not a video of you just reading the website to us… 10 minutes wasted.

  25. Cool video, where is Jeff? Ps ETN to the mooooooon!

  26. New microphone may be in order. Also could have saved time with just saying "read their website".

  27. Good vid idea, but sound is muffled and difficult to understand everything he is saying.

  28. ayyy nice vid

  29. RedCoin (RED) – Circulating Supply 74,107,896 RED 10000000% !!!!!

    Cryptopia Exchange best!!!!!!

  30. I got the Trezor coming in in a few days, what's your guys experience with the Trezors? and how does it compare to a Nano Ledger S? Thanks

  31. Can it store cardano and other alt coins such as cardano ripple etc

  32. I purchased the Ledger Nano S a month ago. It's absolutely amazing. I am not in favour of leaving these coins on exchanges.

  33. yo jeff, please do a video on SRN ico the #SIRINLABS project is super interesting to me and the ico is on sale for the next couple days but im new and i want some external insight so if anyone else sees this than feel free to tell me what you think about it. Thanks!

  34. can you do a video on simple token(ost) just added to binance 10 minutes ago, take your time, thanks.

  35. I ordered a Nano S on December 7. It shipped on the 8th. Still waiting for it. No one bothers to tell you it has to come from France. You know how lazy those —–ers are. Like several here I'm wondering just what coins I can put on it. For now, I am invested in BTC, ETH, and LTC, but I think I would like to add Monero, Ripple, Iota. Ledger better get on the ball and I better not have to pay a lot in exchange fees. Like most, I'm on Coinbase and I've been seeing videos about how to avoid fees by moving coins from Coinbase to GDAX and then to whatever. For now that is what I hope to do. I also use the Coinomi App on my phone and want to transfer my coins from there to my Ledger when it arrives.
    Bunch of tedious shit, ain't it?
    Still, the return so far has been encouraging.

  36. Check out Gifto!!! im telling you all!!

  37. Whats your thoughts on the new binance coin ICX?

  38. StudMuffinJohnny1

    JEFF!! Look into GIFTO – amazing ICO, great tech. I think it'll be a great coin to get. Let me know your thoughts!

  39. Who the fuck is this

  40. Is that an Australian-American accent I sense? Definitely some Aus/NZ in there

  41. can you do a video on KIN please?

  42. I am new to the crypto world, I have an issue, my daughter deleted google authenticator on my phone however i mange to access all but 2 accounts Legendcoin & Libracoin. I have search for contact email support but i couldn't find any contact email. can you help with contact info

  43. Hi guys! What are the top 5 coins to invest in right now? For new people 🙂 thanks

  44. how many couns can it hold at capacity??

  45. BitBay just surged at 122%!!! Please do video on this crypto!!! 😀

  46. Paper wallet. Soooo many issues with this and others. Nope. Offline security in my hands. Safety deposit box and a safe.

  47. Spankdaddy Meatsauce

    tons of great altcoin reviews and predictions, we have no place to store them safely :[

  48. they need to add electroneum and I would be happy with mine

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