Latest Bitcoin Price Prediction, Bitcoin Gets Delayed And Bitcoin Cash Madness – 136

Latest Bitcoin Price Prediction, Bitcoin Gets Delayed And Bitcoin Cash Madness – 136

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  1. I bought bitcoins when it is 7800$ for 1500$. I bought that money for interest on November 1. And I should pay it on November 30. now I'm fucked up. can anyone give me a good advice

  2. BTrash sinking like a lead ballon. Down 46% in one day. 👉😎

  3. Sell BCH on the high and then buy BTC on the low👍😆

  4. Roger Ver orchestrated this masterfully. He drove up the price using the 2x hardfork, made huge profit on it after canceling it, then used the profit to pump up cash.

  5. Everyone knows why the price is going up. The miners and actual businesses that have to transact in Bitcoin daily are going with Bitcoin Cash – the original protocol that doesn't have the corruption of BlockStream and segwit present. All the hashpower is going over to Bitcoin Cash. The world is going to get a lesson in exactly what and who Bitcoin is. hint hint – it's the folks actually doing the work to secure the network, the miners.

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  7. Great video, very informative. Looking forward to the next one 🙂

  8. South Korea, Please please please, pump Litecoin like this? 🙂 They should rename Litecoin to Litecoin Cash 2X.

  9. Bitcoin has become a store of value and has gone through this many times before and kept going up and always will.. Don't let the whales fool you..

  10. Litecoin is the answer to all this Bitcoin/bitcoin cash madness. The market just does not get that.

  11. can someone help please – what makes btcash different than bitcoin? And why are we seeing this pump right now when in fact nothing changed in terms of technology in the past 2-3 weeks. I know that bitcoin didnt proceed with segwit2x but neither btcash has made anything? Both are exactly where they was 2 weeks ago – always in terms of how they operate? Thanks

  12. Bitcoin rip waiting since 15 hours :/

  13. this is completely manipulated

  14. Funny how all the BitCoin Tubers are so pissy about the rise of BitCoin Cash when most of the currency crypto with scaling solutions have been rising too without a mention. IOTA, DASH and Litecoin are all up for the week.
    Bitcoin developers inability to support a meager scaling upgrade like 2MB blocks is a signal to users that fast and cheap transactions won't be coming to BTC anytime soon.
    My 8 hour and counting transfer of BTC today is a perfect illustration.

  15. it does seem rather orchestrated with the unconfirms on mass micro-transactions, certain deceptive headlines that give illusion BTC is dead developers are walking away etc, odd volumes, co-insided with segwit2x postponed, paired with massive locked up bch on coinbase, etc… At the end of the day theres about 10 people that will make billions regardless of which way it goes. hint, hint.

  16. So many retards in the comments, bch is the new bitcoin. Forget, core will become an alt coin, no one will need it eventually.

  17. it is crazy. i wanted to transfer 360€ BTC to changelly and the transfercost should be 160€ so I would get only 200€. so i just gave up the idea to sell the btc and get into bitcoin cash…. bitcoin has much too expensive fees… i think more people will realize that btc can not handle a lot of transactions…

  18. Its a good day when you upload 2 videos in 1 day. #Win.

  19. A 38% retracement would mean a Btc price of just under 5k. Wasn't Btc below that before the b2x hype? It sounds logical that just under 5k would be where the price will head for as the b2x money goes back where ever it was or goes to where ever it was going to go after the fork (that didn't happen) That's one heck of a buying opportunity!

  20. Rip bitcoin

  21. I hate to say it but we need china's help to make bitcoin great again!

  22. This shit is being done on purpose. Since 2x failed the supporters are flooding Legacy with small transactions. It’s being manipulated and that’s Bullshit. Legacy is still King. Is B Cash on Coinbase? NO. Do you convert alts to B Cash to Fiat? NO. Legacy will come out on top once again.

  23. Hopefully Bitcoin can dip to $5500 or lower. Black Friday for us long term investors!

  24. Almost time for me to step in and buy some BTC while it's on sale to add to my long term holdings.

  25. I’ll tell you why, it’s FOMO that’s it. The miners started it, actually Roger Ver started it and the miners progressed it. When the difficulty level goes up on B Cash they’ll go back to Legacy. Watch.

  26. FriendlyWanderer

    Maybe they're trying to make a point by showing Bitcoin's limitations … I kind of like tbh.

  27. Politics. Bitcoin Cash is just another altcoin, I believe litecoin is superior. Too bad it's not called Bitcoin Lite.

  28. Dude, bitcoin is crashing, and so is my hard earned money 🙁

  29. Attack or not. If Bitcoin cant withstand it then its not as strong as people think

  30. If people wanted a currency dash is better. B cash will dump be carefull people

  31. The mexican Fonz

    I truly think ripple xrp is going be the future coin, something tells me governments are going to step in soon to stop bitcoin.

  32. possible originated from china then via south korea to the world market… it is easier to choose south korean than Japan or taiwan or singapo or HongKong or makao.

  33. too bad i sold my bitcoin cash 3 weeks ago. Damn

  34. I understand why segwit2x was bad, but bitcoin really needs to upgrade and innovate at a faster pace.

  35. Coins On The Moon

    Bitcoin on the Moon

  36. Thats a lot of big Talk… 400,000 would be nice!

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