“HODL WALK” by LAMBOMÖN is a Plug Walk Remix, Rich The Kid Parody Remix.

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  1. Kevin DiFilippo

    Why am I just seeing this?! Bro this shit is 🔥🔥🔥

  2. II Corporation

    LOve the Video Playa! HODL WALK !!!

  3. Let me find out Elio knows how to rap! Love it

  4. Atipat Chipthamrong

    This song is bullish.

  5. Catchy! Smiling all the way!

  6. Despair Program


  7. Can I Have Some?!

  8. Coreyagraphy Ellis

    Excellent video- and you are spitting that 🔥 🔥 – straight ETH

  9. DJ trades in the house

  10. Ohhh yeaaah! 😎

  11. Roflll

  12. Lmfao nice Elio ! Straight DOPE bra 🙂

  13. stephen raubenheimer

    lol so funny life in Crypto

  14. Finally got to hear it on a good system. Bumping that s*** in my truck bitches! #hodlwalk

  15. Make a screenshot of my comment! Zilliqa will make the biggest growth indicator this year! Buy them while there is yet time! Who is the bum, for you there is a free airdrop

  16. wow nice video. you mentioned alot of top coins. hodl is the best strategy for those who are not into trading. i want to add 2 coins into your hodl list: deeponions and bitshares. these are the 2 coins that i like people to see the true value.

  17. Бауыржан Абдикалык

    Do you want to drive Lamborghini? Maybe I would like to have a cliff villa with beautiful girls? Then invest in Zilliqa! If you are a rough sleeper and dead beat, take part in the giveaway

  18. Loved It!!!

  19. Absolute garbage crypto is racist.

  20. Absolutely Brilliant, I loved it!

  21. Just a reminder of what to do if anyone is feeling the pressure.
    HODL and increase your holdings in the dips. Listened to this over a half dozen times, just brilliant!

  22. Loving this!

  23. Fresh

  24. Excellent!

  25. Awesomeness!

  26. This is On Repeat!! Please make another. 👍🍻🤜

  27. This is gonna boost your following. Great job brotha

  28. hey buddy, next time you make an video, utilise the word cashaa. it rhymes easily.
    i know my opinion could be biased as im a HODLER of cashaa. But you csn think of it…

  29. Lmao 3.5 billion subs. GG

  30. Awesome dude, even my wife loved it! lol 👍 Hodl on Bro

  31. topnetworkersgroup

    this actually goes hard ….. just wish y'all said HODL like "HOLD" …. both pronunciations work.

  32. Hahahaha LOVE IT

  33. looks like here is the answer for my question bout your own portfolio))

    you should add this rhyme))
    "…and remember guys…
    dat's NOT
    a Financial
    laughing on background

  35. LOL This is great homie! i love this! I do music as well..#mixxedchemicalz #reverbnation #Itunes..HODL WALK!

  36. Been HODL walking for the last 5 months 😫

  37. I will invest in VeChain because of this video 🙂

  38. Jacqueline Johnson

    I love the TRUPM dance moves, Ha, Ha,HA…….

  39. One of the greatest crypto channels on youtube

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