Graphics card stock has long been tapped out due to cryptocurrency miners, but does what they’re doing make any sense? Let’s find out.

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  1. Krzysztof Dolecki

    Uses 2 Xeons
    10 high/top end GPU
    And old, already used once tape

  2. Threalis Maradona

    you seriously need to expand your server room its painful to watch you try to get systems in there

  3. the amount of passive aggression between team members seems unhealthy, and is unpleasant to watch >.> otherwise nice vid

  4. Thanks for this video, I can put my 18k€ of graphics cards to good use. Because they are just laying around my home getting dust.

  5. J E T E N G I N E

  6. Ive no idea whts going on and what is he talking about🤣

  7. I wonder if he turned the flashlight off?!

  8. 8 1060 gpu for etheruim?

  9. Tim van Duijnhoven

    Why don't you place a windmill💨 next to that building 🏢 or solar panels❓ ☀️

  10. When you wish to gain the method to receive Bitcoin you simply want to look for " bitcoin pranaholistico " in Google or Yahoo. It was great an hour ago.

  11. With some of those spare parts collecting dust…build my son a gaming computer! He would LOVE it.

  12. 0:38 Your forgot the helmet

  13. What program should I use tho I have a old pc with a 1070 ti and I think 64 gigs of RAM

  14. Anton Luka Šijanec

    Yay!!! nicehash is SLovenian!

  15. Man i would be happy enough with a geforce 1050 gtx…

  16. what is that creeper doing at the title ?1?!

  17. Crypto mining is better done with out a gpu. There is a better way

  18. Not sure that situation had anything to do with mining. Alot of retailers were sitting on tons of Nvidia GPUs, so many in fact that alot of them sent the cards back to nvidia. So one starts to think if that whole thing wasn't a stunt pulled by Nvidia to increase sales.

  19. If you are looking for a bang for your money buy this MSI GTX 1080ti for under 400 dollars

  20. Time to mine with gpu or cpu on on the Safex blockchain. Asic resistant on the cryptonight_v7 algorithm.

    You want to mine Safex Cash.
    Mine it now. Mine it later. S Curve emission to serve the people.

  21. can you make a windows 98 gaming pc biuld

  22. Be interesting to see what a Pre mining used GPU performs like in a normal gaming rig and if they are reliable or not.

  23. Can i have one 1080? xD you have so many!!! btw visit me in sri lanka, ill give u a tour 😀 and a video :3

  24. Monero. cryptoknight7 > all other GPU shit.

    Wait bro you live in Vancouver? That's dope.

  25. lmao what the fuck.

    "YEAH IM GONNA PAY $5,000 – 15,000 FOR A SETUP SO I CAN MAKE $11 A DAY."

    Go get a fuckin job, there's no way that that could ever be worth it seeing it would take literally years to regain profit.

  26. The only place where bitcoin miners belong is in the gas chamber. Fuck you you'll bitcoin fuckers go get a job.

  27. My refferal link to mine Bitcoin on your computer


  29. You left your head light on!

  30. that graphic card
    is even more expensive than my whole gaming setup

  31. genocide all the crypto miners, problem solved…

  32. Haha you guys is america suffer from gpu out of stock while gpu im malaysia is still cheap, 500$ for 1080ti.

  33. Omg, I have those scissors

  34. Is this legal?

  35. Short answer: no and stop buying gpus

  36. Could I have some of those gpus plz

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  38. 10:38 Filming right in front of a sign that reads:
    "S T O P"
    "Did you put away your filming equipment"

  39. Argiod Silvertongue

    I'd like to see a mining rig set up with solar panels to power it. Surely that would make it more profitable?

  40. Jorge Jesus Vergel Mayorga

    Wooo! Boku no pico academia!

  41. I love Mining thanks this video mine on MY RIG GTX 1070 SLI

  42. Fuck cryptominers

  43. Could you not set up a solar source for power and diesel generator, not sure about generators but solar is free . The solar how ever good or bad will reduce power cost by a little to free

  44. jeffreydang-Nigerian Border Patrol

    They’re mining my diamonds

  45. bitcoins big scam works now but years later will drop

  46. I didn't understand a word of this, but OK!

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