Is Bitcoin The Ultimate, Risk Free Asset? Trace Mayer Says Yes!

Is Bitcoin The Ultimate, Risk Free Asset? Trace Mayer Says Yes!

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The Bitcoin legend Trace Mayer, returns to bring us up to date with Bitcoin’s current trend and how to understand the ‘Mayer Multiple’.
Trace also explains to us why we could be entering the greatest economic awakening in the history of humanity, with Bitcoin being just the beginning.

01:00 “Bitcoin is the hardest money we have ever seen”
04:40 What is the Mayer Multiple?
07:45 Weak players shaken out by the bear market
17:20 Humanity’s great economic awakening
35:00 Where to find the Bitcoin knowledge podcast


  1. trent mccluskey

    Trace makes a great argument for the original bitcoin, however he wont touch the issues of possible CIA infiltration via blockstream, the lies we were fed that the blocksize would be grown to 2MB, and the direction to the lightning network… i certainly have my concerns for the direction of bitcoin.

  2. Consider that if you own $100,000 in BTC you will not really have the full $100,000 if you try to use it because of the high fees of sending it to pay for something or to cash out. There's no way around that because of the miner's high fees and what's worse is two Chinese mining pools control over %40 of BTC. That's hardly decentralized. Trust me anybody who has a significant amount of BTC would be real nervous to hit send because sometimes they get stuck and it could be days or even longer before they show up. Shaky system. Many other coins are much better but one is superior in terms of speed, cost, reliability, etc. I won't even say it so as not to sound like I'm plugging it but most people in crypto know exactly what I'm talking about. The BTC dream is dead. Stop bullshitting.

  3. It is China and Russia that are playing three-dimensional chess and Trump playing checkers. Russia has just converted a bunch of their US Treasuries into Gold. China is slowly doing the same. China, Russia, and the world can screw over the United States by dumping all of their US Treasuries. Trump is doing little to nothing and is creating and even larger Federal Government deficit!

  4. Don't bet on it Mayer. With these tariffs, the only thing that Trump will do is make China great again. Please see the video where Peter Schiff explains how lousy Donald Trump is doing with his policies.

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  6. Predator trump is a pathological liar

  7. daedalus cardano

    "Trump administration lifts ban on pesticides linked to declining bee numbers" There goes agriculture. At least when the food chain collapses, we can eat Bitcoin. Oh hang on !

  8. Cryptos are merely another trade to lose in. Take your pick. Wall Street likely created it and is definitely immersed in it. Many many people have already lost their money and many more will. The 80/20 rules is steady throughout any trade or investment. Most will always lose.

  9. Who da Fck wants to go the US? maybe in China or Venezuela cause it´s ugly out there but the US is moving the same direction. THE WALL IS NOT TO KEEP PEOPLE OUT BUT TO KEEP PEOPLE IN…

  10. Hers a little factoid for you. If the govt says u can't use it. U can't use it. Period.

  11. JAAG COIN EASY LIFE Together we are stronger

    Together We Are Stronger

  12. Stuart Ogilvie

    If I bought a bitcoin, and the person I bought it off, bought a car,with my money, so my money, is out the system,!!! Speculation,, it won't work!!!

  13. Trace Mayer is fake news

  14. Tulip bulbs were money once too, as we're seashells, and chocolate. How'd that all work out?

  15. Risk free ? As in no counter party risk ?
    Think about that a minute.

  16. Risk free doesn't lose 70% of its value in less than a year

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