Is Bitcoin Going To $5,000? Litecoin to $50?

Is Bitcoin Going To $5,000? Litecoin to $50?

Bitcoin and Litecoin are both trending down. We’ve talked about the possibilities of Bitcoin and Litecoin seeing new lows for months now. But are we there yet? Or is there a slight possibility that Bitcoin and LTC are setting up for their next run?

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  1. Crypto Capital Venture

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  2. Simple Tricks & Hacks

    Right now ALQO is at 0.1$ I bet you next year it will be at 7$, yes that is 70x

  3. whats going on? people like you…

  4. allclueless onlyguessing

    Dan keep up the good work. Screw the trolls. Most of them are spoiled millennials who have most likely not worked a real day in their whole life. Millennials in general are lazy, spoiled, and entitled. The majority of them want to retire by 61 and have nothing saved. This is the future of our country.

  5. Great analogy, not a lot of youtubers giving sound technical information I'm bearish I can see this capitulate to the 61.8 Fib Extention from the top of the hype BTC ($3250-3550) Obviously not down in a straight line Then I'm doubling down too the moon

  6. In march you should have already been able to look at the chart from december till then and have KNOWN that bitcoin was going to go WAY down, and litecoin would follow. So why show us a 2 second clip where you made one random comment disclaimer? That is NOT evidence of you saying this would happen. Many of us knew btc was going down to the 4400 range in March, and if you did too, then you should have been warning people not to be accumulating overpriced alts. Right?

  7. SocialMedia Vidz

    BTC going to 2,000$ . not 5,000$ sorry guys but its the truth

  8. MrFourkinghell

    I feel sad for the millennials, now they will have to get real jobs. ROFL!!

  9. Bitcoin hit 60.000 $ end of 2019 and litecoin 1.500 $

  10. thanks

  11. Yes, we may see the dreaded bitcoin price of $5,400 to $5,000 and litecoin of around $50. These are areas of big support.
    The market is getting smashed right now, but…
    This is an incredible opportunity to be buying your highest conviction crypto ideas in $100 or $200 increments, on the way down.

    In 2001 you could have bought Amazon for $6/share and if you had bought $600 worth it would be worth
    $185,000 today.

    The exact same is happening now, Wall Street is getting into this market and doing their best to push it as low as
    possible, so they can buy at the lows and make another fortune off of all of the regular people selling their
    cryptos to them..Don't let Wall Street scare you out of the market again.

    If you haven't started getting into this market, start now, this is the perfect time to get in.
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    Don't sell, Buy more…

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  13. Going to $2,000.00 I think in this month

  14. 50$ Litecoin is NOT cheap. It's going way down

  15. Thats what i saw yesterday a huge long term inverse head an shoulders for the long term, if that plays out we will see all time highs, we have to stay above 6k to keep it intact

  16. Hey, the "Bears" are shaking the trees, trying to get as much fruit to drop off as they can. This is an opportunity for us as well to pick up more low level fruit. What did everyone say last December when Bitcoin almost hit $20,000? "Damn, I wish I had gotten more!!" Now's your chance… Don't be one of those people who cough up your fruit to the "Bears". We are in the Woods now and what do the signs say everywhere? DON'T FEED THE BEARS!

    In 2014 I picked up some Bitcoin for $400 each. Six months later I dumped all of them thinking that this will never go anywhere. Last summer I had to go to the hospital to have the doctors cut my own foot out of my ass for doing that! Just saying…

  17. Iranola Akinrolabu

    Like I said before …. TRIPPLE BOTTOMS ARE A BAD SIGN LOL

  18. SomethingRedundant

    Yes, please $50 Ltc. I'm buying all the way to the bottom

  19. Maxwell Garcia


  20. Is it time to be greedy yet?? It is for me!

  21. Dan, i know ur accumulating long like I am, were litteraly ganna be up in a few days on our investment from today. Cheers my dude

  22. LITECOIN $44 (8-11-18

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  24. I swear when this bounces over $200 $300 I’m gonna be so proud of my self for holding and not panic selling.

  25. Stephen O Neill

    I don't think we are going much lower , and I have put my money where my mouth is as today I bought a shit load of Satoshi's.

  26. Told you guys this months ago

    But nooooo, LTC is going to moon and a bull is coming any day now.

  27. Wouldn't mind a $20-$15 litecoin…👌🏾😁

  28. thoughts on this bearish downturn, i think $35 is the bottom.

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  30. it could go down to 10

  31. Lol didn’t call it but predicted it

  32. Kim Dang Nguyen

    No shit Litecoin, get DigiByte. It's been going up since April 2018. LITECOIN is down down down down down

  33. Chester Copperpot

    I will humbly pat myself in the back when I posted 50$ litecoin in early february. “JRucki” check my comments. 60$ is strong support so I will start loading the boat from 60 – 30$ if need be.

  34. Damn looks like I am back at sucking dick for a living

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  36. So what information do you handle concerning ODYSSEY? I pitched upon their airdrop on So I got tokens today. Would it be better to sell them now or to hold for a long run?

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