Is Bitcoin and Cryptos DEAD? – Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News 8/8/2018

Is Bitcoin and Cryptos DEAD? – Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News 8/8/2018

Is Bitcoin and Cryptos DEAD? – Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News 8/8/2018 –

Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market fell off a cliff. Is it dead?

Tune in and find out! Tune in 10:30 am CST every day to learn about Bitcoin, Altcoins and Crypto market news.

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  1. 19:13 if you're wondering if it's dead

  2. Christopher Asher

    Do you believe timeline might also play into it? Think about it. You pass the sec right before holiday season. You provide an opportunity for smart money to enter the market, at the same time the general consumer buyer is selling out btc for fiat in order to fund their holidays? Just some wide thinking.

  3. same bs logic when crypto was 400b….
    300b…today 220b???..

  4. I just injected more fiat, I believe this is the best buying opportunity of the year. If I'm wrong, well that's why I have stop losses. I'

  5. Jamie Dimon biggest manipulator in cypto.

  6. its a red card
    for bitcoin

  7. What are you smoking? Tezos will be top 5 within 2 years. It's currently the only non centralized (no control server) working and fully implemented dPoS smart contract platform running flawlessly.

  8. Who are still holding the same coins as last year?

  9. James Douglas Whitehouse

    Great but I think it is the right time to trade.

  10. Jeez anyone can find out the info on this video themselves. As for Bitcoin seriously it will be worth a crap load of money by 2019. Just buy 1 single bitcoin don’t watch YouTube read the news and take a peek at the price until around this time next year when the banks and stock exchanges are all on board be greedy!

  11. TheSource IsNotImportant

    Unfollow! You lost me at mentioning bitcoin as bitcoin core.

  12. If you see the trend in the last month Bitcoin went up and down at the same rate as it always has.

  13. It’s not dead, but once it hits 5k, it’ll be in a long term coma.

  14. Bitcoin is not Dead, this is the Best time to be getting into crypto and buying.
    Panic selling will not get you anywhere, you will just be mad in 6 months, when we are at new highs.

    In 2001 you could have bought Amazon for $6/share and if you had bought $600 worth it would be worth
    $185,000 today. Do you think the Big investment banks were buying tech stocks then??

    The exact same is happening now, Wall Street is getting into this market and doing their best to push it as low as
    possible, so they can buy at the lows and make another fortune off of all of the regular people selling their
    cryptos to them..Don't let Wall Street scare you out of the market again.

    Everyone should be Buying their biggest conviction ideas in $100 or $200 increments, load up at these low prices.
    If you haven't started getting into this market, start now, this is the perfect time to get in.
    If you don't know where to start, this video will show you how at: Http://
    Don't sell, Buy more…

  15. wish they raise it to at least 100K wire transfer….

  16. Dogecoin will never go down its back by the people doesn't have an investor and it's been there for a long time see if coin low growth safe coin

  17. There's something good about a person like you taking the time to share knowledgeable advice thank you for what you do just thought I'd put that out there

  18. Anyone here bought at $19k?

  19. Dude dont talk about tezos if u dont know shit about it, you just lost all credibility, tezos will be top 10 in a few months.

  20. R.I.P.

  21. I don't expect us to go any higher until first quarter of 2019 at the minimum, just being realistic.

  22. Out of fiat awhile ago. Not much to do except HODL. Thx G.

  23. Already got that bitcoin and a lot of other big caps so I’m goin even more nuls DEEEP! HODL!!!!

  24. Cryptontology Nop

    Hi, I'm currently holding ADA, ONT, Nuls and ICX. What's your opinion on them?

  25. LMFAO, tezos will drop. I suggest you do some research on the project.

  26. Yes they are all dead once you start allowing regulators involved

  27. Looks like it!!

  28. Are you still bullish on WABI, TKS and LRC? Been HODL'ing since last December

  29. Just play the game and wait.

  30. Looks like someone doesn't know anything about Tezos.

  31. Give it a year from now and Tezos will be top 3 coins. Trust!

  32. what are your thoughts about iota, stellar and ripple for the next 6 months?

  33. Nuclear Redfield

    Hi. What do you think of Tron TRX? Will it die?

  34. lol Thanks for the financial advice George. I'm broke! JK
    Litecoin is going to Moooooooooooon… after an Earthly obliteration.
    Zil: BUY BUY BUY.

  35. this is a blessing my people!!! all coins on sale!!!

  36. Spot on George!

  37. Wendy Taylor-Hill

    Sell the News! Thats what happened

  38. Danielle Kassie

    Wow do you ever hate Tezos , I’m curious why you think it won’t make top 50 in a few months . It’s tech is far ahead of Cardano and EOS right now !

  39. thanks George, ur 100% spot on. the wen moon/lambo brigade is getting flushed out – that's ok, more for us later on. and yes – there will be a crypto later on – that will be awesome.

  40. Market cap right now is 219 Bil. I am buying like a fool. It is a fire sale right now! I am not going anywhere.

  41. Why is ETF so important when it is a US based ETF and crypto is global ?

  42. You talking shit man. Anyhow you are a day-trader and I am happy this is happening to you guys

  43. “Buy the dip” lmao

  44. What are you holding BTC or quality alts for next bull run?? 50/25/25 still?

  45. Bro u cannot say buy everything in Jan and blame everyone today. Its a greater fool game and the smart money is out. 800 billion to 250 billion ?? They r gone

  46. Another encouraging session George. Thank you for not letting us sink into depression during this bloodbath. Keep up the great work.

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