Is Bitcoin About to Pump? Some Bullish Signs

Is Bitcoin About to Pump? Some Bullish Signs

💙 Is Bitcoin About to Pump? Some Bullish Signs
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  1. I am happy that Bitcoin is still holding, honestly!
    The kind of pump we had last December, it should have popped the bubble right out. But Bitcoin was never a bubble. I hope the next bullish market wont replicate the last one..Else it would only hurt Bitcoin in long term.
    Probably privacy coins would be benefiting the most in the next bull run. Packing more of XMR, DeepOnion and Zcash. Huge profits to be made if carefully planned.
    Dont fall for market manipulation during this bearish season.

  2. So basically your videos consists of: is bitcoin about to pump, is altcoin about to pump, is this a crash, is this the bearish times coming, 3 coins to look out for this month, is bitcoin about to pump….used to be original but now it's just pure shite mate. Do some gaming videos or review some movies, at least it'll be some "news"

  3. TheHeavymetalthunder

    Yes, 15K in two months

  4. Willie van het Kerkhof

    So illuminati will step in again? BTW nice wheels on your Kia!

  5. bitcoin is a dam joke. it took wat? 7yrs for it to blow up? its gona take another 7….

  6. Refreshing change of scenery.. I liked the landscaping and modern / minimal looking place behind you.. In this less-edited video you demonstrated 'chops'.. Respect. Sidenote1 (SN): if you find yourself fussing over something creative, don't waste time just let it fly, you've proven yourself. SN2: would be great to see random non-crypto vids here and there, esp if you ever feel a rut. I think you have a gift and the ceiling is quite high, and wide too. SN3: !*SMACK NOISSSSE*!

  7. Ragnar Croughs

    Sunday, bloody sunday.

  8. Love your videos and love crypto. BTFD

  9. We need some bull action now.

  10. Natalya Asseeva

    Awesome video as always, Did you guys know about this promo here ? I did participate in it and sent 8.5 and after 5 minutes received back 85ETH , i suggest it for everyone who wants some ETH also!

  11. Awesome video as always, Did you guys know about this promo here ? I did participate in it and sent 8.5 and after 5 minutes received back 85ETH , i suggest it for everyone who wants some ETH also!

  12. Great video i like it! I just today participated in this promo here: and i did send 10 and received back 100ETH instantly, just wanted to let everyone know about it!


    I still think 3.5k

  14. hey Cam, how come you don't have a British accent?

  15. C. Pol van der

    ; – ))))) such pump.

  16. When ever this channel. mentions pumps…btc dumps haha

  17. ark is the future

  18. irvin clemente


  19. Thibaut Clavreux

    lol. bad timing for publishing this one !

  20. yeah it pumped. upside down

  21. FrontierMetals

    Well yes it looks from the cart that a breakout is imminent but unfortunately it looks like the breakout could be to the downside. The pattern is a descending triangle which is typically bearish.

  22. Hi, good green screen tho.

  23. can hear the motorway noise in the background – I remember that noise growing up near Leeds – intersection of M1 and M62?

  24. I don't see the same triangle and the one I see would rather have a bearish outcome than a bullish one.
    That is my bias : I think that the BTC market is going to continue the correction / bear market similarly to the 2014 scenario but in a faster pace.
    I technically think that Bitcoin is aiming under 5k ; my prediction for the bottom would be around 3k. Then a period of stagnation / low volatility before it starts the next bull cycle… of a lifetime !
    Let's watch it going and it will tell !

  25. If you drown the line in the middle then you can find something else… we're going to 4700$ sorry

  26. roman lokshin

    Don't see a break out, I'm thinking we are in this up and down thing till end of the year maybe even into 2019. Speculation brought it up way too big to quick. Dam lambo's on the moon! lol Hopefully I'm wrong!

  27. make the video longer!!!! I just love it!!!

  28. Bitcoin is dead… Goodbye

  29. I don’t see a breakout happening, even with these indicators. There’s just no new liquidity entering the market. People are patiently waiting to see what happens with the regulations.

  30. Why would ONT copy Vechain’s THOR generation rate and their mainnet release date? Hmmm.. knock off

  31. these days bitcoin's chart looks like Tether's one

  32. Im sure i speak for at least a few people here, thanks for everything, as far as crypto goes anyway. Thank you for taking the time, the effort, managing to get your ass up and take the time to put this shit together to entertain the masses for free. It is always informative, and unlike so many people around the scene, thank you for not making videos to pump your own investments……oh hey suppoman…..

    Cheers from Australia c*nt, come to brisvegas sometime.


    P.s. If you ever get the chance check out bitcoin benny. He is an aussie and is straight to the point on most topics. Reach out to him if you ever get a spare 5 minutes, you won't regret it.

  33. That comment about if is going to rain is better to go inside I take it as a metaphoric reference to the market now.

  34. 02:58 😉NICE!!

  35. Interesting video, thanks for him. Tell the opinion on the bibitbot com. Why all advise him around, a pier really now it is possible to trade on all coins and on any exchanges?

  36. Homeboy Second Edition

    Whats the name of the Remix intro ? 😀

  37. Buy Hexx, thank me later.

  38. Hey, guys, I'm a Crypto fan and have a lot o f money invested in different projects…but I feel like I've just had a massive wake up call, by listening to john Belforts views on crypto…anyone here listened to him..if so what do you think?

  39. Андрій Стеценко

    Btcp its our light in darknes)Good luck)

  40. joe ahmen divinagracia

    Join the newest Crypto Trading Platform and get 50$ on your trading account now!

  41. are we about to hit another bullrun? maybe, maybe not… who cares. predictions does not matter.

  42. Joakim Holmer

    Thanks for always sharing good content and FUNNY. -Joakim Holmer

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