How To Use Kraken – Bitcoin Trading Exchange

How To Use Kraken – Bitcoin Trading Exchange

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Jan 2018 Update – It looks like Kraken has fixed their up-time and scalability issues that were present during the second half of 2017 🙂

This 5 minute overview shows how to use the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange. The tutorial covers how to verify your account, add funds, withdraw funds, select currency pairs, buy coins, and security.

I wish you all the best in your investments.

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  1. Kraken sucks! Use Paxful instead!

  2. I can't find a guide to understand how to short bitcoin using kraken interface, im too dumb. can anyone help? or know a guide that is easy to follow for a noob?

  3. Didn’t know 5 minutes was now 2-3 days

  4. Choosing to invest in Crypto Currency has been the best decision i've made lately, at this rate of profit on investment, i might have to quit my job soon, all thanks to my Broker who have been advising and helping my trade….had difficulty finding a Real and trustworthy broker so if you still looking get at me, ill tell you all about it

  5. Hi Thanks for the detailed info, I have a few concerns, where and how can I see my investment and how its performing. How to set up a wallet and it it can be. Also I have the Kraken App on my ios mobile and cant seem to get to work properly. I would appreciate your support please.

  6. Krasimir Strandzhev

    Now is the time to buy! Once again, signups in Binance (one of the best Crippo Exchanges), in gratitude for the good news, can be registered through my referral link:

  7. Christian Burkart

    Avoid! I bought some bitoin at kraken and now they reject a withdrawl because of security issues.
    Beside that the plattform is very unstable and full of bugs. I hope I can defreez my money and then kraken will never see me again.

  8. I just sent 1ETH into one of the private ETH addresses on kraken and for some reason its not showing that I have any ETH on my kraken account. I checked and the money was successfully sent to the address. Please help! I need my ETH back

  9. Gruianu Adrian Ionut

    Hello! I made a mistake and I blocked the account and wrote more tickets about the problem and I did not get in answer. I do not know how to solve the problem.

  10. just subscribed +liked. if you get time check my channel out maybe we can be youtube friends an support one another 🙂

  11. Kraken is disaster

  12. can you transfer coins to binance ?

  13. dont use kraken………………………. good god they steal coin ……………………………. kraken no good

  14. can u sell btc into usd and withdraw usd to your visa or mastercard straight from kraken without sending btc to other exchange? and how about bittrex?

  15. Can you zoom in so we can see what you are doing?

  16. kraken is scam

  17. kraken is scam. i was verified tiel3. but it does not allow me to withdrawal my BTC

  18. Kraken has so much bugs since 2 weeks…so annoying !!!!


  20. Hey, i have problem i want to verify my new account but when click aan 'get verfified' i get Feature Disabled
    This feature is not currently available.
    Can you help?

  21. I have been trading with four bridges wealth. Selling and purchasing of bitcoins are easy and fast. If you purchase bitcoins from them, it takes approximately 2 hours and you will get the bitcoin. They don't charge and this is the best part. Other trading sites always have high rates for using their platform to trade but they don't. If you want to contact them, you can email them at their Gmail address "fourbridgeswealthmanagement". They also do referral bonus so please tell them Adams Roger referred you (ref. ID 32217).


  23. Hi. My account is temporary suspended. To many login attempts beacause site wont work.what should i do?kraken Is a total nightmare,avoid with all costs!!! Need help pls

  24. Crypto Freedom

    Looked at their exchange myself and prefer Bittrex. How are you finding Kraken for trading?

  25. please stay away from this exchange i been to login in for two weeks i tried to contract them for two days

  26. Here's how you use Kraken…wire funds, they don't credit account, you show proof that Evolve Bank cleared it to them, they give excuses for 3 weeks, you're forced to get a lawyer. Easy as pie

  27. I still dont get Market and Limit. So if i just want to invest and save , what fees will i get for 1 bitcoin for example? and what is limit for? when you offer it for bidding? Thanks

  28. Hebbie Jebbies

    Can you exchange bitcoin for other cytocurrencies on kraken or is it only fiat currency?

  29. please a stop loss and take profit video because no one really understands

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