How to Transfer Bitcoin from Coinbase to Poloniex

How to Transfer Bitcoin from Coinbase to Poloniex

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  1. I transferred a 100 eur worth of BTC from my coinbase account to poloniex and this transfer costed me about 9.80 eur. that's a bit too much to be honest, way more than I expected…

  2. Mary Anne Frank

    ​my coinbase does not have a send/request in the header next to buy/sell

  3. Miami Golf Home Living

    poloniex is asking for my ssn in order to set up my account to buy and sell… what's with asking my ssn?

  4. Miami Golf Home Living

    poloniex is asking for my ssn in order to set up my account to buy and sell… what's with asking my ssn?

  5. Thank you so much for the video! I wish there was a video for other transactions on other exchanges. For those of us who are new to this, it's a lifesaver. Nice job. Keep it up!

  6. There is no send request tab.

  7. I sent btc from coinbase to poloniex bch account, how can i retreive, id pay u if u can help

  8. Can u buy stellar with ripple or does the site only allow u to buy it with bitcoin?

  9. Thank you soo much for your help !

  10. fairly confident this feature is no longer on coinbase

  11. Play at 1.5 speed. Great video brutha!

  12. A quicker way! Send to a wallet first ! Then send to an exchange ! Such as MyEtherWallet etc.

  13. I also don't have a send/recieve button on my coinbase anyone have some advice?

  14. senateskatesjasper

    ive been waiting 4 hours is this normal.

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  16. koushick prasad

    hey is it possible to transfer btc from poloniex to blockchain wallet??

  17. i dont have a send/receive tab on my coinbase page

  18. Thanks for the info 🙂 much appreciated!

  19. thanks! i looked right at that deposit button 50 times and didnt see it LOL

  20. If Coinbase shows that it confirms the transaction and it hasn't showed up in Poloniex right away is that something to be concerned about

  21. Great video. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  22. Tommaso Giannessi

    is it safe to send from Coinbase to poloniex and back?
    in their terms they say you cant use coinbase for the following:

    -investment and Credit Services: Securities brokers;
    mortgage consulting or debt reduction services; credit counseling or
    repair; real estate opportunities; investment schemes

    -High risk businesses: any businesses that we believe poses elevated financial risk, legal liability, or violates card network or bank policies

    i've read a lot of users got their coinbase account frozen or closed due to prohibited use, but i don't know if poloniex is the case.


  23. James Hernandez

    A gleaming BSOD "Service Unavailable" will greet you
    and when you contact coinbase they'll respond in 6-7 days!

    Wow! Run and don't look back.
    I took my shit to Paxful and other sites, at least they respond within the hour with
    all the information you want.

  24. coinbase seems like a gateway to the crypto currency market and low interest, it allows you to enter the market with cash to buy cc vs the others you can only buy/sell cc.

  25. Holthuizen oemoet

    can you do the same thing but than turn it around ? so send ETH form Poloniex to coinbase?

  26. Aditya Chandra Anugerah

    is it possible to buy from different broker and transfer to another broker ?

    for example:

    i buying BTC in Bitfinix on 2000$/BTC so i got 1 bit coin worth about 2000$ on bitfinix and i try to transfer to my korean account whcih is worth 2500$/BTC so i got profit 500$ per transaction

    Note : it just example i dunno the exact price for each broker.
    and let's forget about the fees between transfer BTC to another broker.

  27. I created this extension for coinbase users… easy way to always stay up to date on prices of bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin

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