How To Transfer Bitcoin Cash from Exodus Wallet

How To Transfer Bitcoin Cash from Exodus Wallet

I have recommended and use the wallet for a number of coins, mainly those I’m trading with. Here is a quick walkthrough of a simple way to get your Bitcoin Cash out of the wallet and onto an exchange so you can use it.

Exodus Wallet –
Exodus Explanation –
Bittrex Exchange –

And yes they arrived safely within about an hour.

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Tips are much appreciated, here’s my addresses:
Bitcoin: 18ZwmG5o2yeiUW7WgLB2M8ifMK7AAmgsUs
Ethereum: 0x039D99c841fc21d8975aB8691bF6B7540c06389F
Litecoin: LiDRt5ZkNSX1kUT2SPg9hyirdFji8pkXeR
Dash: Xrk1QLtZMPN7BBQewmGHwW2e2AGraLV3Qx
Dogecoin: DKj7UeXXzQy3KwakNLfoaWm8YAQaCa8pTa
Burstcoin: BURST-CMCH-2BAS-BS5A-57T5M
Digibyte: DLmApKQjqC1tMgMKitwtFL8hubgTjfU2cR


  1. But how to transfer the amount to your BANK account?

  2. How do u get lite coin cash now?

  3. i am not sure if your channel is still operational or not? I sent my BCH from Exodus wallet to Bitrix back in August, but it was listed as BCC on Bittirix…., and the transaction is viewable and still sitting there, Unclaimed. Any idea how i may be able to access this BCH? Thanks

  4. Check the transfer fees on Exodus. They're the highest in the industry. It can easily cost you $2–400 to transfer coins with Exodus.

  5. Patrick Berard

    this only works if your btc was in your exodus before aug 1st 2017

  6. Hi Dave, can I withdraw my bth from exodus to my ban account?

    thanks very much for your videos!

  7. Vasil Butrakov

    is it possible to exchange bit coins in my bank account ?

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