How To Send Bitcoin from Coinbase to Poloniex

How To Send Bitcoin from Coinbase to Poloniex

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  1. Hoglund Hudkins

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  2. Зоя Захарова

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  3. bluenetmarketing

    This whole "don't send coins to the wrong address or you'll lose them" is horse crap. If "the system" can't bounce back and just reject the transfer as invalid and leave the coins in their original location, then "the system" is horse crap. I believe "the system" vacuums up these invalid transfers and keeps them to the real insiders. What a simple fraudulent scam. They have probably vacuumed up hundreds of millions of dollars for themselves just on this one scam. Those coins don't just disappear, they go somewhere. Where in the hell do you think they go, for crying out loud? The people who created these chains don't miss a beat, believe me. Until these coin chains can fix some of their idiotic and dishonest practices, they will NEVER appeal to or be accepted by the mainstream customer.

  4. Why miner fee is big?

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