How to Purchase on Coinbase and Send Bitcoin to Your Blockchain Wallet

How to Purchase on Coinbase and Send Bitcoin to Your Blockchain Wallet

This video explains how to fund your Coinbase Wallet with Bitcoin using a bank account or a debit card and how to transfer those funds to your Blockchain Wallet.


  1. The Unpracticed Eruptions

    Great video. Shapeshift for transfers has been a game changer for me. On a seperate note if you haven't already, I suggest people start thinking about adding DigiByte to your coins. Super fast and secure coin and way undervalued. Check out

  2. Michele Alvelo

    Thanks! That was simple pimple.


    please help me sir, and fund my wallet for helping me this year 1NysohrC7RuxqM3wvQtpi7QvRn9bYj33He it is only help. i don't have any bitcoins at all. thanks

  4. Most people go through complex step in send money to a wallet

  5. Dude you make it very simple

  6. whats the difference between coinbase and blockchain? why transfering bitcoins from coinbase to blockchain since they both are cryptocurrency accounts and can be used the same way, sell and buy…

  7. Question??? so coinbase put money in coinbase wallet? then when you send to block chain it is in cold secure storage which is kept off line and is insured up to $250 k??? thax

  8. So, what kind of fees am I looking at if I get my money from Gdax or Coinbase to a hard wallet like KeepKey?

  9. Is it safer to safe bitcoin in wallet like electrum than in an online site like blockchain? Do you possess the private keys in the blockchain site too?

  10. wish i can buy 5 bitcoin for 3.7k lol thanks for the tut

  11. Ratsamee Chaokwaen

    Why I don't ( Send/Request) like you?

  12. how can i get in contact with you so i can pay with paypal ?

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