How to Move Bitcoin to Jaxx Wallet

How to Move Bitcoin to Jaxx Wallet

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In this short video, Palm Beach Letter chief analyst Greg Wilson explains how to move your bitcoin from Coinbase to the Jaxx Wallet.


  1. Saif Abu khadir

    So if you have bitcoins in your btc account You go to wallet and choose the currency you want then copy the address for that bitcoin Then go to btc account and click on withdraw And paste that wallet address into bitcoin section yeah ??? Fk it’s so confusing and that’s still the easy part lol

  2. dries geentjens

    How do I receive a bitcoin?? I just bought one and in the blockchain info I see this transaction is regulated. Still in my jaxx wallet I see nothing appearing….

  3. I dont understand. I see that u had 0.01880000 BTC before and after "transaction", also before ur transaction in this vid, last transaction was 22 march and it shows also last transaction after u transffered money 22 march … :S

  4. Blake Grigorian

    Very helpful

  5. Hi How to transfer bitcoin back to coinbase? Thanks

  6. TheFireTerminator

    how to transfer money from Jaxx to the bank account?

  7. Hey so I'm pretty new to all this. I haven't bought any coins yet but I downloaded Jaxx to my desktop. Is it a "hot" wallet or a hardware wallet? Also how do I find out where the keys are? or do I not need to worry about that with this wallet?

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