How To Mine Cryptocurrency Like Bitcoin On iPhone

How To Mine Cryptocurrency Like Bitcoin On iPhone

How To Mine Cryptocurrency Like Bitcoin On iOs using MobileMiner.ipa. No Jailbreak Required.

Download MobileMiner.ipa here:
Download Cydia Impactor:
Create Electroneum Wallet here:

How To Install Apps With Cydia Impactor:
Fix Cydia Impactor provision.cpp:81 / provision.cpp:71 Error:

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  1. you didn't change the "user address" how come? you said that needed to be changed! Also, where on Electroneum do I find my address to put in user?

  2. When I start mining my hash rate and pool diff shows up but there’s nothing next to ‘Accept’ why’s this?

  3. when im mining my wallet is not accepting the Hash idk why here's what is sayin
    [2018-Jan-17 10:41:13] Stratum connection failed: Failed to connect to port 3333: Operation timed out
    [2018-Jan-17 10:41:13] stratum_connect…retry after 10 seconds

  4. SLOtrack Nation

    Can someone pleas donate me anything pleasss❤️


  5. Martin Salvador

    How much have you made ?

  6. Ok I’ve been mining for a day now but went I go check my wallet it shows nothing in my account

  7. Where is withdraw options .

  8. Mohamed Kasasbeh

    If u stop mining and start again do u continue or restart from the beginning ????

  9. how can I transfer what I get to my wallet?

  10. hi, is all this stuff safe to download on once computer?

  11. what is pool url for electroneum ??
    from where do i get it

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