How To Get Your Bitcoin Transaction Confirmed with CPFP

How To Get Your Bitcoin Transaction Confirmed with CPFP

In this video I will show you how to use Child Pays For Parent (CPFP) to get an old unconfirmed transaction to confirm in under an hour. You will need to be one of the receiving parties of the transaction and have access to the receiving private key.


  1. You can use for unconfirmed BTC transactions.

  2. John-Giang Tran

    Not all wallet or exchange have private key. So where it tell you add Private Key is probably trying to steal your info as they have your wallet. This is a SCAM!!! If not, Coinbase does not have Private Key and Blockchain does not have private key. Only exchange does.

  3. عبدالله الدبدوب

    Hello sir. I see your videoes many times and try to do that but i can not:(. So if u can help me for my transection it was since 3 weeks upto now 5323030a8128731da356c9336f93a3bce009b2235fc056035135009518cf2cc4

  4. Madsaur Madsaur

    where did you get the script shown at 5:02? thanks

  5. Peter Falconer broadcast says "Missing Inputs" and won't confirm. I've done everything in this video step by step. This transaction has been unconfirmed since 11th December, and now that Bitcoin is plummeting I think I'm just going to have to resign myself to the fact that I ALMOST made a fortune, but once again have managed to grow a four foot dick and completely fucked myself.

  6. 2a64a686ef4a288c8f35ed9b14d7279763b8f1bc3fc0274378de9653fcd3b589 no comfirm?

  7. Nguyen thanh binh

    hey, in the Broadcast it says, :''64: scriptsig-not-pushonly''. can sb help me ??

  8. i didnt understand fk all

  9. Hong Loan Tran

    can you help me, please
    i have one btc transaction unconfirm more 1 month.

  10. I ended up discovering some strange stuff by doing this. I eventually discovered another wallet where the whole amount went to with a separate transaction number. The transaction number from the amount minus fees, that was in my jaxx wallet did not exist on the block chain. I followed the other transaction and wallet to a big list of transactions and miners fees, like someone was grabbing all these transactions to these other wallets. I do not understand everything I saw and I’m not sure what to do about it? I took some screen shots. I’m not sure if I should create an account with coinb or block chain, or is this normal? Anyone who knows more, can please let me know. Thank you.

  11. "It will go down once the attack is over"
    How did that work out for you? :^)


    The best Bitcoin Accelerator is all the other either slow as fuck or don't work viabtc also works but very limited slots

  13. Will I be able to do this with a desktop wallet i sent funds to binance and it's stuck.

  14. Mohammad Mallouh

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    Good luck guys

  15. Мурат Султанбеков

    Hey. Interesting video, make subtitles for the Russian language. I think many of your video is useful. Good luck in your affairs

  16. Travel Guy Sye

    Can you please help me with mine? It's been stuck for over a week. HELP!!

  17. where i cant find private key?

  18. i have to wait more than three days and pay a big fee, can anybody help me?

  19. Elza Hovhannisyan

    Where I can find private key?

  20. did you put 1 milion satoshys instead of 100k ?

  21. Empire Khmer789

    I don't understand about private key. could you tell me. Thanks

  22. Hi,
    I’m Bryan with Blockchain customer support center,
    We got your complaint and we are sorry for the delay in response.
    The blockchain has recorded an all time high because of the current hype with the value.
    We are working on making the platform faster.
    We are working in realtime to fix all the current glitches
    Over 10.000 transactions have been confirmed successfully and 13.000 pending
    If you are still facing problems with checking your current wallet balance or unconfirmed transactions
    you can contact the support service center and use the blockchain accelerator for just $2.

  23. how can i get my private key?

  24. the problem is when you dont know the private key of the receivers..that is useless, i sent btc in exchange and stucks my btc in a week because of low fees. Trying this method will give you error if you doesn't know the private keys of the receiver.. Please enlighten us with this issue.. Is there any alternative if you don't know the private key of the receiver?

  25. so if I have sent btc to Bitconnect, I will lose money?

  26. Tonya Tko Show

    I have questions. Are you answering questions in the comments?

  27. jonathanplanet

    i insert my the address and i get a message saying: You should use the redeem script, not the multisig address!

  28. Athmanya gowda

    Hello, Thanks for this video, very informative. I have a transaction stuck for 2 weeks now because of low fees. I tried to push the transaction using few free platforms available but no luck. Under my tx id there are multiple transactions of which only one is mine. Could you please let me know how I can find the hex format for my transaction only not for all the other transactions. Any help would greatly appreciated. Thanks again. This is my wallet address 3B6wk5YFe6LemTGuWHUfjBFmB6axddXJPm and tx id – 3b971f4ef85a9148e6c8bac7c00bb8a505d05ac4992f278733c153c89a470114

  29. I followed the steps, my transaction has been generated and encoded. But to broadcast, I need to sign it using my private key in the 'sign' section right? But I don't know how to obtain my private key? I use Blockchain in which there seems to be no access to a private key anymore? Does anyone know what to do?

  30. how you get the private key from Bittrex… I seem cant find them in the setting…. please help my btc

  31. Suraz Handique

    +919706276208 whtapp me i can solve

  32. 4ac36047157bf95a668ae516f5d53109d932cc3ab62e9bb7b0988cf90b9530e2

    need help

  33. How are you displaying the transaction fee(sat/byte) next to the txid on ? Are you using a browser plugin?

  34. wow shxt you were a bit confusing. I almost sent all my amount for fees. Luckily coinb stopped me !!!!

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