How to get FREE Bitcoin and turn that into Silver Bullion!

How to get FREE Bitcoin and turn that into Silver Bullion!

Bitcoin is a digital crypto currency that a lot of people don’t understand or are afraid to learn because they think it’s just a trend or perhaps they think it’s not even real money. Well, I hate to burst that bubble but it’s been around since 2009 and you can buy just about anything with it, even your gold & silver bullion! You probably just want to know how you can get free bitcoin? The answer is simple, bitcoin faucets!

Get a FREE $10 in Bitcoin and a Secure Wallet –
Free Bitcoin Here –

I’m going to show you how to setup a free bitcoin wallet and then start getting actual real FREE bitcoin to that wallet address every single week. I’ll even show you how much free bitcoin I’ll be getting in my account this week.
I’ll show you briefly how much security is involved when logging
into your Bitcoin wallet. I think it’s way more secure then my personal bank.

If you want to get right to the meat & potatoes on how to get that free bitcoin, fast forward to the 2:18 mark.

Create your wallet here –
Free Bitcoin Site –
Moonbitco Faucet –
Bitcoin Gambling –

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  1. Would like 2 see more of the free bitcoin videos's

  2. Once you deposit money into your bank account and you keep on doing this for a year, do you need to file a tax return because of this source of income?

  3. Beth Coddington

    Well this is certainly worth a look! Thank you!

  4. .. that c'mmoonnnnn is super convincing 😀 .. sold 🙂

  5. Eugene Ingrao

    How do you purchase visa gift cards with bitcoin?

  6. SepiaDragoonGR

    So how do i convert the bitcoin amount i make in x weeks into actual cash? can i use paypal? how does this work?

  7. I appreciate you trying to help your fans, and I like your other videos, but this is kind of pointless. 3-4 hours doing this on the first day, using a currency converter, guess how much i'd earned BTC -> USD???? 2 cents! I'm talking total expected, not just what was actually deposited into my wallet on the first day. This was using a total of 7 "faucet" sites at once, not just the ones you linked. The only way to make any real bitcoin with this is by getting referrals, which is obviously what you're doing by posting your affiliate links. I'm not saying you cant win bigger on the sites like which randomly generate a number, then pay you the matching amount. But those sites are once an hour. The sites that pay in "satoshi's" basically always give you a low number. A satoshi is a hundred millionth of a Bitcoin. These faucets average 16-30 satoshi's per claim. You do the math.

  8. how to transfer this websites BTC to the wallet ! once we get them

  9. How to transfer Bitcoin to wallet can you explain I can't do don't know how

  10. hey can you buy stuff on Amazon??

  11. Love the video!

  12. Indian Head Silver Stacker

    Thanks for the info…

  13. This is super helpful honestly thank you so much for this

  14. Thank you very much for the great video and explaining how to set up a wallet! I'm now the proud owner of a wallet I hope to fill. I've tried using the faucet to get some satoshis just to see how a transaction works but I think these websites are a lot of work and many are disingenuous. Despite following all their instructions and requirements I have not received a thing from the faucet. I'm also not sure how to actually buy bitcoins safely. It's still a bit of a minefield for the average person 🕵

  15. thanks for sharing bro

  16. XX IsThisOrIsThisGaming XX

    How long did it take you to get this amount of bitcoin?

  17. HighSpeed LowDrag

    I like to see more. PL.

  18. Like your vids. Just subscribed. Did you see the buy a 10 ounce bar at spot price from JM Bullion on the top of their page? I ordered mine last weekend. I don't know if they are still running that promotion though…

  19. Kerris L Ravenhill

    I like the idea of Bitcoin, I've had an account for about 20 months and have purchased more than 7 ounces of silver bullion from SilverGoldBull with just Bitcoin. Gets a bit boring plugging away at faucets but what else could I do while waiting in line ups, busstops, or just plain waiting.

  20. Sandlapper Silver

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  21. i am not sure if i missed it but why do they give you free bit coins?? i dont get it.

  22. Nestor Saldana

    So do you still mine Bitcoin? Is it profitable?


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