How To Earn FREE Bitcoin Daily!

How To Earn FREE Bitcoin Daily!

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Faucet sites are websites that you can earn free cryptocurrency for simply entering the CAPTCHA and verifying your a real person! You get paid from getting advertisements shows infront of you on the site your using to verify your not a robot and the faucet company pays you a percent! Its an extremely easy and fast way to earn free cryptocurrency! Here are the 4 faucet sites i use that pay the best that i enjoy using.

Faucet #1 –
Faucet #2 –
Faucet #3 –
Faucet #4 –

Here is your online faucet wallet-


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  4. István Balázs Béres

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  5. Nikolay Moltchanoph

    Hey, guys!
    I can't log in to my account at for seven days now. Are they having problems, or is it just me?
    Thanks for your time…

  6. wat the hell is shitoshi



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  8. Bitcoin Litecoin Dogecoin Faucets

    almost all are a piramid scam

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  10. Professor Crypto

    I just made a video on how to get free DeepOnion currency They have free airdrops every week

  11. Do You Want To Earn Free Bitcoin?

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  14. Hi. i used your referral…what do you think of this site? Is it the same?

  15. this gives you about 40 different coins every day you dont even do anything. just put it aside and thank me 2 years later

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  17. I've tried to withdraw and nothing…Whats the deal, you sure this is not a scam?

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  19. BTC Duplicator, 20% on your investment every hour automatically to your wallet, minimum investment 0.001 sat, 15 investments maximum per day. —> 1DVXuxUfubnfpqxcFgLJ2eXa4AVkVBzGZa

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  21. if u wana make bitcoin everyday… u ll get 0.0006bt coin per day.. All u have to do is just log on with this id…min coin widrwl is 0.005 i tried almost all app.. like Bit miner in playstores… Bt u should have a wallet like unocoin or zebpay…. Log in with ur wallet address… And wait till it hit 0.005 or more… And u can also see the payment proofs on website…at least try i sure u ll like it…u dont have to stare that site all day all u have to do is just login and u check next day u ll see the magic……

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  23. marcin rucinski

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  24. dude I sub love ur vids man keep it up

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  27. don't waste your time people the amounts are so small and the fact that you didn't pay the fee when receiving means the chain will just drop it when you take it out or will charge that fee that actually cost more than you take out so no do it by saving some money and buying bitcoin but buy smart and part of that smart is working to invest in your own future the saving and rinse repeat

  28. Thanks for the video. Works well. I also found this: Quite a popular site, with a lot of options to get free Bitcoin.

  29. Monica Pipi-vadia

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  34. Thanks for the up take

  35. one of the best faucets I use 100 satoshi everyday no problem

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  37. How the hell youve got so many referral in just one week!? Can u tell me some tips? I have already account on Easyhits4u but it seems very expensive. I used almost all my points and get only 3 referral. Pls help

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