How To Claim Your Bitcoin Cash

How To Claim Your Bitcoin Cash

Today I take a look at how to claim your Bitcoin Cash using only a 12 word recovery seed (given by most wallets) and the Exodus desktop wallet.

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  1. i didn't get any… WHY???

  2. I just downloaded Coinomi app wallet and could sweep (recover) all my funds from a paper wallet in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold right away. Easy and simple. The only solution that worked for me.

  3. I had bitcoin on omniwallet when the fork happened, is there any way i can recover my bitcoin cash?

  4. Why is Exodus not running with Windows10?

  5. Hey I'm in Canada I recently started bitcoin with coinbase and realize I can't sell should I just send money to exodus and if so where can I sell to get money

  6. Love your videos.  Could you do one on how to recover BTC accidentally bought from an ATM into a BCC wallet?  I'm not having much luck figuring it out and I've got CAD $2K stuck on the blockchain.

  7. youssef elmhououd

    hi since the m 8 i need usd exodus wallet say Transaction error: Broadcast transaction error. If this persists, please contact whay jajajjajajajjajajajajajja whaya

  8. Exodus has been updated and there is no recovery box to enter a 12 word seed from any wallet – I have my BTC on paper wallets and want to send the BCH to my Nano Ledger. Can you advise? Your videos are excellent 🙂

  9. Here's a step by step guide to setting up a wallet and buying Bitcoin Cash:

  10. Stephen Merricks

    to claim bitcoin cash just use you need to know your seed or private keys though

  11. Hussain Mohhamed

    Does this work with MYCELIUM WALLET?

  12. Your tutorial did not work.

  13. exodus is better than Jaxx?

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  15. Sir how I get my Bitcoin Cash from MYCELIUM WALLET and Private Keys in Paper. Plz help

  16. sir,
    I send bit coin from my BTC address to bit connect bit coin cash wallet address .how is claim or refund my bit coin. Any body please help me. 8780605417

  17. Hey great video! As a Canadian, I've noticed that we're deprived of the option to sell Bitcoin on Coinbase… Can you do a video on how to convert bitcoin to Cash? (the reverse process in order to withdraw bitcoin) Keep up the great vids


  19. What do you think of litecoin?

  20. Hello,can you make a video about how to open Ark coin wallet on ledger nano s please.

  21. Will this work from my Coinbase wallet as well?

  22. Just sent you $20btc, thanks for a great video. I gave up trying to get my BCH until I saw this! Thanks again, keep up the great videos


    Your video deserves more views, check out: U 2 B Z O N E . C O M

  24. What if i had btc on my jaxx wallet? Can I put my 12 recovery phrase to exodus? Then claim my bch?

  25. Hey bro love the show. Hey I have a concern about data degradation. Over time on a cold storage wallet like ledger or trezor! I have had digital files degrade to the point I can no liger play them or use them! This is my BIG problem with long term storage on these devises! What say you?

  26. Hey bro good video thanks for that 👍🏼 i have a question can a 12 word phrase be restored in any wallet or only in the wallet which has created the 12 word phrase? Thanks

  27. How do I get my Bitcoin cash from a paper wallet?

  28. Great video, glad I subscribed 🙂 was waiting for word from Exodus on how to do this and had no idea that this was a feature..

  29. Hey there Ben how do we access them if we had them on COPAY or jaxx ?
    wallet is there a video for that.

  30. Real Truth & Uncovering Lies

    Can I upload a paper wallet that was created before August 1 to Exodus and claim bitcoin cash?

  31. What about with a paper wallet?

  32. Is the TenX Pay Token (PAY) ready for a breakout on The chart looks very good. What do you think?

  33. If I had bitcoins on Mycelium wallet during the fork, can I send it now to Exodus and claim my BCH?

  34. Can you enter a paper wallet private key into exodus?

  35. Andy Red Rifle Dalton

    Awesome! Thanks Ben exactly what I needed 🙂

  36. Hey guys,

    if you had your BTC on Jaxx prior to the fork and you're tired of waiting, you should be able to import your backup phrase into Exodus and can then convert there as described in the video.

    Other than that, if you only want to use your phone, here's a guide how you can claim your BCH with Coinomi wallet using your Jaxx Passphrase:
    Read carefully. It's important to manually set the derivation path when adding BCH. Otherwise you won't see your balance.

    Coinomi has Shapeshift integrated too, so you can directly transfer BCH to BTC if you wish so.
    I tried this procedure yesterday with a friend who had some BTC in Jaxx. Works fine.

  37. ridefastjumphigh420

    I really enjoy the format of your videos. I especially like the intros and endings being outside, with music that always leaves me feeling optimistic. Thanks.

  38. Thanks for the video. This helped clear up some confusion I had about claiming my BCH, however, do you have any videos coming up on how to claim Bitcoin Cash from a Paper Waller? That's where most of my BTC and BCH are right now.

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