How to Claim Bitcoin Gold on Ledger Hardware Wallet [Tutorial]

How to Claim Bitcoin Gold on Ledger Hardware Wallet [Tutorial]

Hey CoinSutra Users,
Welcome to another video episode of CoinSutra. In this video, you will learn how to install Bitcoin gold app on your Ledger wallet and how to use Bitcoin Gold split tool to claim it.

Here are exchanges where you can sell BTG for BTC:

🚨🚨 KuCoin:
🚨🚨 Bluetrade:

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  1. CoinSutra - Simplifying Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

    Here are exchanges where you can sell BTG for BTC:

    🚨🚨 KuCoin:
    🚨🚨 Bluetrade:

    🚨Here is the link to the article:

  2. At the time of the fork my bitcoin were on Electrum, i moved it today to my Ledger and it doesnt show up.Have to be my Bitcoins on my Ledger at the time of the fork?

  3. Kenneth Woodruff

    Thanks, that was easy!

  4. bhai ek ques hai


  5. Hi. I put my btc in my nano s in august and followed this video but the bitcoin gold is 0. What am I doing wrong??

  6. hello! i removed one of my apps, fido u2f, so I have only four not five but it still says not enough space. what to do?

  7. Very helpful, thanks.

  8. when i tried to sendit out, it says 'sending failed'

  9. Is it possible to do it when BTC is already spent from the wallet but was present at the time of fork??

  10. Can i make a mistake, that makey me loosing my BTG at the moment when i have to choose between LEGACY or SEGWIT? since i dont know on which chain my BTC are, i would just try it. Or is there a better way to find it out?

  11. I don't see any BTG in my account. I believe I had my BTC on Ledger when the fork happened. Should the BTG be there?

  12. Thank you buddy!

  13. many thanks – appreciated the tutorial

  14. awesome I did not see the splitting tool and it was not in ledger guide 🙂

  15. Chee Kiong Soin

    hi thanks for the video, i have managed to get the BTG on my ledger under the split chain. But when i try to send it to the exchange, the ledger keep showing "an error has occurred, please try later" after the verification and finalizing process. Any idea why?

  16. cant claim coins on original ledger?

  17. thanks for your video. very helpful..can you tell me what I would do to get my BTG if I have BTC on a hardware wallet like KeepKey that doesn't support BTG? Can I move the BTC to Ledger Nano to claim? I'm confused! thank you!!!

  18. Chris Sheffler

    yeah so i followed the steps to the letter here my friend and still no bitcoin gold shows itself in my wallet…. the same thing happened with bitcoin cash, I wasn't able to access that either and it has really started to fuck me off… please help if you can? any advice would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  19. Question If I send more bitcoins to my account before I use the BTG split tool. Do I get more Bitcoin Gold?

  20. The split option is not availble on my app..

  21. I downloaded bitcoin gold app from manager went to my bitcoin now it shows 0 btc no operations

  22. Matthew Banham

    Good content – Helped me realise that my app was taking too long to open, deleted and reinstalled and this worked straight away, Thanks for posting

  23. Amandeep Singh

    Bro, one should also have BTC on that day the BTG fork took place, Right?

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