How to claim Bitcoin Cash from an Electrum Wallet that had funds before 8/1/2017

How to claim Bitcoin Cash from an Electrum Wallet that had funds before 8/1/2017

This video will show you how to claim your Bitcoin Cash from an Electrum Bitcoin wallet that had funds before 8/1/2017.


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  1. you need to explain what is happening

  2. Great tutorial! Two issues though:
    1. Importing the keys alone to the BCC wallet will not be sufficient?
    2. Instead of transferring the BTC to another wallet can i simply trade/pay with it or there's a purpose for sending it to yourself? Same goes for the transfer from Electron to the nano S. Could i send it away directly?

  3. How to find the master private key of electrum

  4. Getting the same response "can't' read file" on my windows computer when putting in my back-up keys. Is there an alternative?

  5. Niamh English

    Great demo, finally managed to claim my BCH, thanks!!!

  6. can I still get bitcoin cash if I had funds before 8/1/17 in electrum but have since sold that bitcoin

  7. Mohamed Riyas

    Can I still get bitcoin cash if I had funds before 8.1.2017 but not after that?

  8. Stock123 Future123

    its scam….be careful

  9. Nothing is Here

    Fantastic video. Thank you for your help. Manged to pull my BTC from my old (now no longer supported) Multibit Wallet and into Electrum, onto my Ledger Nano S, then get my BCH using Electron Cash. Pease keep in mind do NOT use 2FA – I also didn't do any encryption either just in case.

    The confirmations for BCH are slow. But ETH, LTC, BTC are all confirmed!

  10. I am about to claim my Bitcoin Cash (a bit late I know). I was wondering if it was possible to sweep the Bitcoin from the original Electrum wallet into the new Electrum wallet instead of sending the BTC through the network to the new wallet?

  11. Wow, Excellent tutorial. You could do this for a living.

  12. jonathan dube

    Beware: If you are using 2FA, you will not be able to send your BCC out of Electron Cash because TrustedCoin does not allow BCC transactions. I had to restore with my seed and select 2FA (instead of standard) and then it will ask you if you want to disable 2FA and you must select yes. You may then send your BCC to another wallet/exchange. Good luck!

  13. Edward Martin

    Thanks for the effort you put into the video. Although I was a bit confused on the steps pertaining to creating the wallets I did figure out what was needed. I have my BCC. 🙂

  14. Alan Davidson

    I am still in the dark. There has to be an easier way to claim your Bitcoin CaSH. I have an Electrum wallet with considerable bitcoin. Do I lose my Bitcoin Cash if I hold my BTC until there is an easier way to claim it? All my Bitcoin is from 2016.

  15. Eimra Achical

    My laptop where i stored my Bitcoin (MultiBit) has been broken and i can no longer open the laptop. I let the IT check it and they deleted all my files in that laptop. How can i recover my Bitcoin funds? Please help me. Thank you in advance.

  16. As soon as I put in the back-up keys of the electrum wallet into the new electron cash wallet :: "cant read file" so it does not work in Windows …….

  17. Darro Hampton

    too complicated, u should explain it more better or clearly

  18. William Theaux

    I am not sure how you import your old BTC files. Between 04:10 and 04:25 – how did you get the path : <<…top/Electron Cash.2.9.2/Electrum/defaut_wallet >> ? Is it that Electron alters the regular Electrum path, and inserts itself under /Electrum/ ? Or did you move the defaut_wallet at this place ? ..or did I misunderstood something ? (your video seems to jump from one location to another unexpected path). Thank you for all the rest which is clear.

  19. Thanks for the tutorial. At 5:46 you state "make sure that you select a server that supports BCH" and you selected the server – How does a person know if a server does support BCH? It seems like you knew that it obviously supports it. How?

  20. Thank you! So the main reason you are making a new BTC wallet (or using Coinbase, etc) and transferring the BTC out of Electrum is for security, correct? Since the BTC will no longer be tied to the address that Electron BCH wallet sees and gets the BCH from.. right? Thanks again!

  21. Juan'sTechZeroUnit

    How to claim Bitcoin Cast / Ethereum from Jaxx wallet?

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