How to buy Bitcoin in South Africa using

How to buy Bitcoin in South Africa using

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There has been lots of interest around Bitcoin in South Africa recently, and cryptocurrency in general, so I thought I would do a video showing you guys how to buy Bitcoin in South Africa using Luno.

Luno allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin for Rand, and also allows you store your Bitcoin in their wallet, which you can access using your phone or PC. With the wallet, you can save your Bitcoin, use it to buy things online, or even send it to someone else.

I will do further videos showing you guys how you can send your Bitcoin, or use it to buy other cryptocurrencies, such as Litecoin, Ethereum etc. I will also show you how to get set up on other cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bittrex and Poloniex so that you will have access to trade cryptocurrencies.

Let me know if I left anything out, or if you guys have any questions. I will try to help you out as much as I can. Good luck!


  1. Stephen Van Heerden

    Sign up for Luno and get ZAR 10.00 worth of Bitcoin when you buy or sell ZAR 500.00 (exchange excluded), using

  2. Priscilla Rabothata

    hey Callum, I have three requests. firstly can you please explain the buy and hold strategy for me or make a video on it,secondly how much money does one need to have in order to buy bitcoin and lastly how does one purchase from different shops using bitcoin

  3. Great video, thx. So here you dont earn the 14% interest?

  4. Very well explained. Please help here, I deposited R500 and it was converted to BTC 0.00245 after exchange. I have been monitoring the change on the value ZAR, sometimes it drops to R483 sometimes going up to R550. Please tell me, at this point how do you make a profit and even grow your money faster to R1000 MAYBE?

  5. Regarding Luno's Fees: At the time of this post bitcoin's price was $16,000 which equates to just under R200,000. However Luno's price: BTC/ZAR 237,318

    R37,000 more ? Am I missing something here? That's around a 15% markup in price?

  6. I really would like to get in touch with you. How do I get hold of you?

  7. Easy Bonolo Masomeng

    Hey, can I use another currency to buy or sell bitcoin… I'm a South African, so I can us Dollars or maybe Euros?

  8. Sandile Msimango

    Nice one! I was very sceptic about this until I watched your video. Thanks man

  9. Mbewe Sibongile

    The pots are happening Callum, thanks for the great video.

  10. Hi i've downloaded luno and i have not gotten a request to upload ID etc to verify identification?? I want to deposit money into my wallet but should i wait for verification 1st??

  11. Can you please tell me about the authentication using the scan…how do I scan and keep this code ?

  12. Christopher McLeod

    Great video Callum, very well explained dude! Simple and to the point

  13. GREAT  video Callum. Very helpful. Baie dankie. Do you know of any blog spots where bitcoiners exchange ideas? Greetings. Frank

  14. Bakang Ephraim Kgosi

    cool video Callum..look i just created my account and i uploaded a scanned copy of my ID document how long should i wait in order for my account to be active or verified?..

  15. Thanks Callum. Brilliantly explained, cleared up a lot of misunderstanding. Liked and subbed. You deserve a much larger readership.

  16. i can monitor my ballance & latest bitcoin price, im enjoy using luno wallet, tq very much luno, 5 star for u ✋✋👍👍 buy bitcoin & use this special promo code 👉 87BVJ 👈

  17. Wow, thank you made my life easy

  18. PLEASE MAKE MORE VIDEOS!!! this video was extremely helpful ! Thank you so much liked and subbed

  19. I created my Luno account. I am in Namibia.. Is that South African Wallet created automatically when you register or did you create it. I did not have a Namibia wallet created I only had the one wallet ( the one on the left). When I say "add wallet" to create my wallet it says there are no wallets available at this time.

  20. I tried funding my luno account using Absa but when i tried EFT but it says that their account is not valid I need help with that Calum or anyone else please

  21. Mahendra Gangai

    Hey Callum, thank you so much for your video, makes so much sense now. What are your thoughts on tax using LUNO? Is there any measure of the tax applied to exchanging BTC to ZAR? Hear from you soon Bud, have a lovely day ahead.

  22. Abrie Engelbrecht

    BAIE DANKIE! Baie gehelp!

  23. keithan philander

    Its telling me that my profile and accounts are blocked. I just set it up and my ZAR wallet is showing the correct amount, how can i fix?

  24. Siyanda Madlala

    Thanks a lot bro. You are the best.

  25. Denershan Naidoo

    Thanks for making this video. You explained it well.

  26. Thank you for this!!! Have questions but i will ask later

  27. Mongezi Buthelezi

    Thank you!

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