How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Canada –

How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Canada –

To get started with QuadrigaCX, click the link below:

***IMPORTANT UPDATE*** QuadrigaCX has added Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Use the drop-down menu on the top right corner of your dashboard (CAD/XBT) to access all available Crypto-Currencies offered by QuadrigaCX

***IMPORTANT UPDATE***Account funding via bank wire is unavailable. Please use electronic funds transfer

***IIMPORTANT UPDATE***Enable Google two factor authentication under the Account Info section for maximum security

To safely store your Crypto currency we recommend:


  1. This seems to be one of the most well structured and informative videos for Canadians who'd like to get into get into the cryptocurrency market. I will be using your referral address. Thank you very much and hope to collaborate in the future.

  2. Can this work with ripple?

  3. Me pagan rápido cuando vendo o compro bitcoins de LiviaCoins

  4. hi im a newbie to the cypto market. Q: what do you think of Coinsquare for canadians buying bitcoin?

  5. LivingFor Christ

    Fantastic video! Your steps of breaking everything down for is awesome! Fantastic video

  6. Farhad Fmolky

    Thank you
    I can say the best tutorial video I saw.

  7. Thank you for simplifying everything.

  8. WE bought 1000 of BITCOINS in 2010-11,should hv bought much more,huge regret

  9. charaf boucetta

    Hello, can I buy fractions of Bitcoin on QuadrigaCX?

  10. do exchanger reconize xbt as a btc coin? pr even wallet?

  11. Cori Trottman

    My verification is taking over 2 weeks

  12. Best video! Very helpful

  13. 4:38 That is a bad way to buy and sell your cryptos on Quadriga. If you input a dollar amount the price can change by the time you enter it. Instead click on the trade tab and enter a price and amount of crypto that you want to buy or sell, that way you will only pay the price that you chose, rather than just spending s certain dollar amount and not knowing how much crypto you will get.

  14. where can i buy steem

  15. 0TruckMafk ☢TM™"... The BigMean CommentSection BadAss

    Thank you for this video. Very informative. I am registered and I am going out now to the dealership to preorder my Lmabo.

  16. terrance jones

    hi, i signed up about a week ago and went to the id & address verification and it still says "in progress" please help

  17. M.C Ebi Kurian

    How can I move my money from Coinbase to quadriga

  18. Hey thanks for this video, is it possible to trade in alt-coins via QuadrigaCX? I only see the large caps via this exchange.

    Further more – if I am buying and trading alt-coins in Coinbase or something else, is it possible to transfer my profits from Coinbase into QuadrigaCX to 'cash-out' directly into my bank account? Since Coinbase does not allow Canadians or Australians to 'cash-out'.

    Damn this country!

  19. What is the best wallet to store bitcoin

  20. Tomasz Konefał

    Quadriga seems nice, but their live trade screens and charts need a lot of work. Other exchanges offer much better visualizations of the live market conditions.

  21. How come in the terms of service it says you need to be a citizen of the United States of America?

  22. Conor Hildebrandt

    For instance Say you have a couple hundred bucks in bitcoin you want to sell, and bitcoin is trading for $8000, you lock in a bank transfer. Several hours later, bitcoin drops to $6000. Is my trade still locked in at the $8000?

  23. Are there any fees to buy Bitcoin once you have available CAD? Or any fees to withdraw from Quadriga to your offline wallet? In other words, are there any fees other than funding your account with CAD? Thanks a lot!

  24. Jonathan Brancaccio

    what is the fee per trade? Would i be able to buy and sell bitcoin throughout the day for steady income assuming i invest 10000?

  25. Patula el duderino

    so the government tracks you and knows how much you have the point is to stay off the radar away from banks

  26. To fund after verified is a hassle as interact don't work with debit cards with visa logos

  27. Tristan Morris

    Do you have to do an equifax verification? or can you just do the ID?

  28. Can I transfer bitcoin and lite coin from Coin base to your exchange?

  29. Just signed up today

  30. Very helpful.

  31. Nice job!

  32. QuadrigaCX is the best Canadian exchange by far

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