HOW TO: Bitcoin Paper Wallet 2017 (encryption edition)

HOW TO: Bitcoin Paper Wallet 2017 (encryption edition)

LEARN HOW TO MAKE AND USE A PAPER WALLET + encryption to lock it 🔐


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  1. Justin aaq Long

    Hey kenn l have a copay wallet, but l dont see a private key #. I have the 12 words.

  2. key loggers take snapshots and send them out once you get back on the web.

  3. Justin aaq Long

    Man, l have jaxx wallet my public address doesnt have a 1 in front and private key doesnt have a 5 in front of it. Justin

  4. Kenn, is your name Czech? Just curious. 😉

  5. nicole fedora

    finally a step by step – great job

  6. Not to be conspiratorial or anything, but what if the file you downloaded to generate the wallet offline was already a pre-generated wallet and all the typing and waving the cursor around is just a ploy to get you to think it's been randomly generated when in fact it's already a wallet that someone has access to. This method just seems like it could have security issues even if you go offline.

  7. 4:45 BiP38 Encrypt: Wow …..thank you…..for explaining this

  8. Chandrasekhara Thoudoor

    wonderfull kenn bosak

  9. Using this website, does it make the bitcoin untraceable to you? Or is your IP address tied to this bitcoin address thru the website?

  10. If you are into cryptocurrencies,Log on to which provides you with the most accurate and latest news in cryptocurrency that would help you make informed decisions.

  11. Thanks for the vid, it is very helpful and I need to print a paper wallet as a newbie coz I haven't got my hardware ledger nano. Keep it up.

  12. If a guy has some satoshis in a wallet that has gone down 30%, should he wait for Bitcoin to increase in price before sending it to the main (long term) Storage Wallet??

  13. River City MOVERS

    Thumbs down for: I need to know what is the paper wallet address in relation to my funds? In other words… exactly does my crypto come "out" of Coinbase and into my paper wallet. Is my crypto still on the internet? I'm confused. It's a little hard to explain my question. Can you help me to understand? Thanks. I'll change the thumbs down when you reply.

  14. Great video, but the question that always comes to my mind is how do you know that this website is not spitting out pre-generated keys, i know that you are doing the process offline but still how do you know that this website is not spitting out pre-generated keys that have been stored in a database somewhere?? What makes you trust the website??

  15. James Woenker

    Just getting started.
    Can I use copay for litecoin
    ? What about the 1500 others out there.

  16. GoldMindNugget

    thanks!!!!!!!!! finally the best tutorial so far, I want to start on the cryptocurrency, But I want to learn more before do anything, thanks for the video!

  17. Inphiknit fractal

    Wouldn't a paper wallet technically be safer than a hardware wallet? Keep hearing how hardware wallets have vulnerabilities when connecting…Thx for the info 🙂

  18. this guy right here

    Can this hold all alt coins?

  19. Awesome video. How can I print paper wallet for NYC Coin? Do you have video showing the same steps for NYC Coin?

  20. Thanks for this!  I have less than $50 invested so far, so I can't justify a hardware wallet.  This video makes it all easy to understand.  Subscribed to see more later.

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