How to accept cryptocurrency tips while streaming – Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum!

How to accept cryptocurrency tips while streaming – Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum!

Accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum as tips for your streams!

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This video is not sponsored by any service mentioned – I just think that accepting cyrpto tips is awesome! If you’re getting into cryptocurrency for the first time, please make sure to invest responsibly!

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Hey what’s up everyone, it’s Derek from Nerd or Die, and in this video I’m going to show you how to accept, send, and cash out cryptocurrency tips like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum for your stream — with no prior knowledge of cryptocurrency needed. I’ll also show you how we can set up alerts using StreamLabs as well.

Let’s get right into it.

To start, you may be wondering, “why would I want to send or accept crypto tips?” There’s quite a few reasons. First, you’ll receive no charge backs with crypto. Once the currency is sent to your wallet, it stays there unless you want to do something with it.

Second, it will allow you to send and receive money anonymously. This means your email or other information that can sometimes be shared by PayPal, will stay anonymous.

Finally, with cryptocurrency becoming more and more popular, this will be a great way to introduce yourself to this new type of currency. I should mention that altcoins will be added in the future as well!

So, how do we go about all of this? We’re going to need accounts with 3 different services. Coinbase,, and StreamLabs.

Let’s start with Coinbase. Coinbase is a website that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency quickly and easily. I’ve included a referral link in the description below, where we’ll both receive a $10 bonus if you purchase $100 of cryptocurrency over time. We’ll take a good look at Coinbase, as it’s important to understand, but the other two services are very easy to use and set up.


  1. Денис Олейниченко

    im buy VDS and dedicated in well-web for bitcoin&ETH

  2. PharaohsKingdom

    Ok I have a Streamlabs account, but when I do the 3 easy step process, Streamlabs option is replaced with Alert Platform. How do I resolve this?

    EDIT: Ok I see, I get an option to choose. My bad.

  3. So… I live in Hawaii and can't have a Coinbase account. What now? LoL.

  4. Corey Elderton

    do I need to paste 3 different links if I want to accept Bitcoin litecoin and etherum? or is one link to 1up good for all?

  5. Gintautas Reklys

    I reg in 1upcoin and how to find my account link ?

  6. Vincent Verrette

    anyways to get this working with a wallet rather than an exchange account?

  7. BeyondReturnGaming

    Does this 1upcoin work with mixer yet as well?

  8. Make tutorial with New software "STREAMLABS OBS" (ALL IN ONE )?

  9. Thank you more Derek,Hi from Kazakhstan

  10. Question is do many viewers use bitcoins anyway ? I can't see how this is going to be popular among a viewer base.

  11. MatafiedGaming

    This seems interesting. I don't know much about crypto but it would be cool just to have it as an option on my stream. How would you go about marketing this?

  12. Yashendra Shukla

    AFAIR, Muxy also supports Coinbase.

  13. Good video, I'm surprised Stream Labs has not integrated this yet.
    Just one note when selling the coins with coinbase you can actually transfer the coins over to Gdax (for free) which is also owned by coinbase and you can do a limited sell order. When doing this you don't have to pay any fees and you get your full price for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. After you sell it you can just withdraw it from Gdax.

  14. Victor Lindqvist

    Thanks Derek! This video was really thought provoking and interesting. Might give crypto a try down the road! Loving your new alert theme, and great customer support 🙂 Keep it up!

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