How I got Rich on Bitcoin💰 Cryptocurrency for Beginners

How I got Rich on Bitcoin💰 Cryptocurrency for Beginners

How I got Rich on Bitcoin! We’ve all been hearing about it. What is Bitcoin? What is cryptocurrency? How do I invest my money into crypto? This video is for all my beginners so I had to break it down for you boos.

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7 Steps Beginners Guide for Crypto:
Don’t understand terms? Look them up here:
Bitcoin is like the internet:
View all the cryptocurrencies on the market and their price:
How to exchange your crypto:








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  1. This is actually really easy to understand, unlike the techy guys

  2. Bullish Buffalo

    nice to see there are some girls in this space too ! ^^

  3. Bullish Buffalo

    who's gonna win ? Well many of them. The safest bets are Bitcoin & Ethereum. Those are here to stay. Some others too

  4. Thank you for posting.. I lost shitloads of money on it so I hope one day I can raise as well.

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  6. can bitcoin convert back to fiat?

  7. Cassandra Gonzalez

    Any upcoming youtubers wanna support each other channel I wanna reach my goal of 300 subbies this year please help out IM ALWAYS ENERGETIC 🥂😂 LONER FORREAL

  8. GG Game GG Game

    I don't think its a currency because it doesn't have any value really, its just that people think its valuable so thats why it has a value.

  9. Boyka Unlimitted

    Albert Einstein says: if you can’t explain it easy, you don’t understand it yourself. You definitely understand crypto currency, lady!

  10. Thank god i had adblock on

  11. Thanks for making this.

  12. bit coin was created by a.i . to propagate a.i. …tic tock

  13. Filippo Matteo Gualdi

    Guys Cardano ADA to the moon.


  15. Bitcoin -> Gold
    Litecoin -> Silver
    Ethereum -> Apps
    Bitcoin Cash -> Fake Bitcoin

    Buy and HOLD. Don't chase the obscure pump and dump altcoins.

  16. This is THE BEST beginner video I’ve come across! Thank you so much for sharing, Ms. Shameless!!!

  17. RIPPLE is centralized! It's the same as if the The Federal Reserve decide to control everything. Don't advise Ripple XD

    Stick with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum!

    Bitcoin Cash is also controlled by a few people. Avoid Bitcoin Cash!

    Loved the video by the way. Perfect for beginners!

  18. Really Maya?!!! There’s been a big marketing push on this for the last 3 weeks, which is interesting being that BitCoin and similar digital currency had their biggest loss ever. The way the 1% are setup right now with the U.S. tax bill that was just passed. The way Net Neutrality was voted on by the FCC. You’re pushing digital currency.The way the financial world is setup right now digital currency is what you’re pushing?! Wow! I hope everyone does their own homework on this.

  19. She prolly made 100k usd and thinks shes rich now

  20. I wouldn't call all those altcoins you were highlighting "affordable." Affordable means you are getting value, but many altcoins may be worth zero a year from now. I would only consider bitcoin an investment. The rest have to be swing or day traded to make sure your money doesn't disappear. Otherwise, great overview.

  21. @Shameless can you please do an actual transaction of a new person taking example $10.00 and investing, the actual steps, PLEASE!?

  22. Who else felt like they were in math class all over again?!!!

  23. Woaaaw you're pretty 😍😍

  24. great vid!

  25. Thank you! This has been the best "translated" cryto talk that I've heard so far!

  26. Whitney Chakara

    So how and where do you spend the bits?

  27. Strategic Endeavors FX

    I'm glad a lot of people are spreading this around. There's other altcoins out there too. Didn't watch the whole video just seen it in my recommends but liked.

  28. Thx Maya, because of you I now am in the Crypto Coin world and sooooo happy to understand it. This is amazing stuff. Can’t thank you enough for looking out for us and making it simple to understand 🎉🎉🎉

  29. Happy New Year! All the best for 2018! To the Moon baby!

  30. I remember Max Kieser pushing Bitcoin back in 2009. Perhaps needless to say, I slept.

  31. You should take a look at paccoin you can spend $150 and get $10 million coins.

  32. I highly suggest all to look up and read “The Creature from Jekyll Island” and understand the beginning of the banking system as we know it and how the federal reserve was created. The euro, dollar, British pounds were supposed to be backed by gold. Now that gold is a scarcity, money/dollars have no true value anymore and haven’t for quite sometime. Never take anyone’s word, do your own research always. This video is not only confusing but highly inaccurate.

  33. What's going to happen to Bitcoin when the US Fed issue their own crypto (Fedcoin or whatever) ?

  34. Have no idea what you're talking about, have to look into this.

  35. Andre Alexander

    Please continue making vids i love them your my top 5 YouTuber

  36. I took $27000 from my credit cards and made it to $480 since May 06 2017 till now, but I cannot say rich cause I am not even 1/10 close to my goal. When you said I got rich on BTC I was in rush to see your video and after I watched….. I ain't mad atcha. I am from Ontario Canada too.

  37. miss val 墨兰

    I’m Zimbabwean, we use USD , SA Rand and New Zimbabwean dollar(Bond notes)

  38. What is rich? Got into it 5 years ago.

  39. I like you 🙂 You're funny! Nice vids!!!

  40. you are very intelligent… and your videos are clean.

  41. Someday even today — the accumulation of knowledge and the expenditure of erudite energy will eviscerate the need for formal education, in that, one can promote himself and be a YouTube paid guru and mentor. There is no knowledge which is useless. Continue to glean and one will be extra clean regarding where his dedication will transport him.

  42. It’s a great video but not really how you got rich, more about what it all really is. I feel like I learned abc again

  43. So glad you're talking about this!! It's definitely addicting.

  44. I agree with the centralization with the exchanges soon software will eliminate exchanges.

  45. Hey love are you on…. you said you hustle….well…folk are getting paid for their valuable original content.
    I’d love to follow you when you get over there…I’m at😉

  46. Great job explaining for newbies like me.Thank you

  47. People do realise its a digital currency it goes up and down so in ten years it might not be 10million I’ve been using i’ve bitcoin for 3 years have earned a profit but I’ve also lost my money too

  48. Passive Q Money

    great video!! thanks Maya!

  49. So confusing but interesting

  50. Angry Black Man

    Are you asian, native indian, or mixed blasian?

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