How High For Bitcoin Price? $20k By 2018?

How High For Bitcoin Price? $20k By 2018?

How high can Bitcoin go before 2018? Does Bitcoin have enough momentum to reach $20k by 2018?


  1. Axle Gallardo


    My trust earned!!!!

    Thank you man! Thanks…

  2. bitcoin gold is hot garbage

  3. Stacy Dale Barendse

    Futures have trading limits.

  4. Serkan Serin TMY

    Jeff, I like your video's. Very clear and simple.

  5. Jeff you are straight, honest and to the point. I find your videos to have most meat in them.

  6. I actually believe Bitcoin will pass the DOW by New Years

  7. TenX is the only other ALT im bullish on. The bubble is about to pop on useless altcoins, its time to forget about pump and dump coins and focus on the long term investments

  8. Bitcoin went to 19.600K today, so yes your 20K prediction is likely possible

  9. Great presentation. Good to hear someone saying this with all the FUD I have seen over the past day.

  10. Lol it bounced off 20k on Gdax today!

  11. 30k by the end of 2017! 100-130k by end of 2018!

  12. Sebastijan Prislan

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  13. Jeff, we love the channel but lets talk about investments…… PLEASE invest in a better microphone! !

  14. right after you made this video, BTC surged to 20k.
    you liar, you do have a crystal ball.

  15. Can you check out TRX ? THANKS

  16. bitcoin will be always bitcoin and the ongoing controversies will keep growing also! but im seeing massive gains for the bitcoin holders in the upcoming months no matter what the dips will be

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    JUST CRUSHED 16K in less than an HR

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  19. Thanks Korea! Keep it up.16.5!

  20. Benjamin Bond

    You have the best crypto videos on youtube in my honest opinion! Keep it coming!

  21. What you guys think about XIN (Infinity economics)??

  22. Clif High has a crystal ball called "The Webbot." His site puts out a document every few months for only $100. Look into it people. According to him the dip will come in February 2018. Plenty of time to put away the fiat dollar and exchange it later for the cryptos.

  23. Borislav Yordanov

    20k before 18th of December

  24. its in unprecedented territory, it dipping and coming back more every day. invest in litecoin and ethereum before it booms

  25. great video once again, thx

  26. Andrew Morgan

    On coin market cap, you can select a particular period of the chart by clicking and dragging a highlighted box across the chart, it then creates a new chart to the extent of that shaded box. Useful if the present ranges won't include all the detail you wanna look at more closely.

  27. Electroneum will be $1.00 by 01.01.2018

    (If Wallets are released by next week)

  28. Bro do you ever sleep lol

  29. I had 1.2 bitcoin year ago but i used some to buy LSD so now i have 0.6. Those were some expensive tabs, shit.

  30. the alts are not up look the satoshi value almost everyone lost value. ONly ponzieconnect is permanetly rising.

  31. omg this Bitcoin rally is killing altcoins -_-

  32. Hi Jeff – please which is the fastest platform to buy BTC??? Coinbase limits $ for transaction!!!!
    Thks Laura

  33. Great info – thanks for sharing

  34. Nice! Ya I have bought Electroneum and probably gonna buy more as soon as possible.

    Also anyone who's looking for a Great way to passively Earn Bitcoin Daily, check this out, sign up is Free also 🙂

  35. Charles Fuchs

    The whales are ready to dump on everyone at $20k, all the average joes will e holding the bag and panic sell lol

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