Governments Banning Cryptocurrency? | Bitcoin Crashes (BitcoinDudes)

Governments Banning Cryptocurrency? | Bitcoin Crashes (BitcoinDudes)

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Bitcoin begins to fall as South Korea begins preparing a bill that will ban all cryptocurrency
This is a big deal because ethereum and bitcoin are heavily traded in Korea taking up about 10 percent of the entire market

Looking at the chart we see that bitcoin recently had a great run to 17k only to be hit by this news which within a couple hours has dropped over 5k
But now during the filming of this video it has now risen over 2k from the lows

News like this creates EXTREME volatility and this maybe be the reason for this news.
Yes, this is a pretty far fetched theory but I wouldn’t be surprised.
When your in the crypto market as long as we have been in then nothing really surprises you anymore.

Don’t forget that China came out with similar news back in Oct. which the price had a similar price action and you can see that after that news bitcoin reach new highs

So the take away here is don’t panic because we have seen this before and we will likely see this again

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“Governments Banning Bitcoin?”

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