Getting Started with Wallet Pllus for Bitcoin Newbies

Getting Started with Wallet Pllus for Bitcoin Newbies

Adam continues his introduction to the Wallet Pllus bitcoin accrual program.

Provides a general introduction that includes getting a wallet, and where to go to get bitcoins, prior to enrolling in Wallet Pllus.

Wallet Pllus is a platform that multiplies its members’ bitcoin deposits by a factor of 2, in a 60-day time window, or faster through binary networking. Binary networking is not required to achieve said doubling, which accrues at a rate of 3.3% daily, and can be set to pay automatically when a minimum balance of .01 BTC has been reached.

To enroll in Wallet Pllus:

Thank you in advance for your donations:


  1. diegolacosta2

    What happened with the walletpllus website? Is not working anymore

  2. Luisa Pérez Luna

    u r stupid if u put your money hete

  3. Trish Hawkins

    Could I have you email address..thanks for that effective video

  4. EvenStar LoveAnanda

    Why are you wearing a T-shirt with a Globalist and Illuminati logo?
    And where does this extra value come from?
    If it is the increase of the price of Bit-Coin globally than why do I need to go to Valet-Plus?
    If it comes from the people under you than much work needs to be done to recruit investors.
    This is a Pyramid system that aims to cash in on other people's money, than it is immoral speculation.
    I didn't think after all your spiritual talk you would be getting into something like this.
    Would you clarify these issues for me?

  5. Kevin B. Williams

    I'm working on it…. thanks Adam for all you do!!

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