Genesis Cloud Mining – Is It Profitable Or Safe?

Genesis Cloud Mining – Is It Profitable Or Safe?

Mining Profitability Calculator:


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  1. So how would you compare this with mining with a home rig?

  2. Pls make video on AST and it's future prospect

  3. Have you any experience of Hashflare?

  4. Selling a 2.17 TH + a 0.2 TH account for 400 USD. Get at me! (I Bought two days ago and don't want to deal with this price upgrade…) :/ can show u everything on a skype call or whatever

  5. 8 figure lifestyle

    time is running out get a hashflare account now

  6. i wanna know abt usi tech

  7. Hey is this still relevant today? Cheers

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  9. which part of canada are you from?

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  11. Doesn't really say if it's profitable, Just says he got paid out. What tho? $5 in 6 months

  12. bitconnect?

  13. do you think it is too late to start cloud mining

  14. Contact Dominique Meijnen for more info , I'l explain everything.

  15. Crypto money team

    How much was your initial investment and do you use any other cloud mining systems.

  16. Hhmmm Lil Risky

  17. Awesome information.. Cheers

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  19. why don't they just mine for themselves and become billionaires?
    doesn't that smell fishy?

  20. What's the camera you are using ? 😀 Send me a PM Man 😀


  22. Okay they are scamming right? But how am I making 50$+ A DAY?! if anyone want to try heres the link. Youre gonna get bonus 10% on new account

  23. They have a lot of negative customer feedback on twitter

  24. حموصة.كوم

    can we change daily withdraw to weekly or monthly ?

  25. Awesome video thank you!

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  29. Aug26 2017 DASH looks GREAT $$373.680 American!!! 11:33AM

  30. Bro, What is The ROI!?

  31. Can"t stop wondering , what would happen to daily mining profits if the BTC drops in value .. Is mining bitcoins much like analyzing stock charts ?

  32. I've simply been using hashflare, way lower initial rates, I trust them, and the reinvest feature compounds your returns automatically so you can set it and forget it until you have a good amount of wealth built up.

  33. Hi , would you still invest in GM and HF when the likes of bitconnect n control finance provide you so much better returns? Thanks

  34. the best PAYING cloud mining site that is LEGIT most are scams but i have had many payouts from this site please have a look

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  36. Hey Modern Investor, can you do a video on which wallet to use in crypto-currency ?

  37. Do you acknowledge the ever increasing "difficulty" which eats into your profitability?

  38. The Modern Investor

    Hey Guys hope you all enjoyed the video 😀
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  39. Cloud mining/Genesis mining is not necessarily a scam. Most people just don't really take in consideration the difficulty and value of the Cryptocurrencies as well as the fees and maintenance it takes to run a certain hash rate on a day to day basis. For example, the contract is one thing, while the daily fees and maintenance is another thing and some people think that you only have to pay for the contract and not the daily fees. In addition, if the profit is guaranteed in which the market and the price of the cryptocurrencies are stable and fixed, then yes Cloud mining is the way to go, but in my experience, owning your own rig and having the option to sell your rig afterwards is far safer than renting a rig, paying for outrageous daily maintenance fees or so and putting your trust into someone else's words and promises. While it may work for some, the majority of people that I know who tried are not happy with cloud mining and its contract.

  40. Quick question. If you have FREE ELECTRICITY, and you want to mine what is the best option on the coins available for mining? Not an extreme PC configuration (2x NVIDIA Quadro FX 3800 1GB & Intel Xeon X5560 2.8 GHz). Thank you in advance

  41. I like the quality and the content of your videos man.
    I've also used your 3% discount, let's see how it goes.
    Thanks a lot.

  42. Thanks For this, where can i get / read good articles to explain this whole thing to me. I am so lost.

  43. hello the modern investor. what is the ROI for mining btc, eth, ltc, dash and monera on
    genesis-mining? what is your suggested optmum hashrate to start? when i
    say optimum i mean a good income and the quickest ROI. a good income is
    at least 100 usd per day. hope to hear, thanks!

  44. they dont pay me. i must be an exception

  45. Christian Santos

    Subscribed, will be watching your updates on cloud mining platforms thanks..

  46. Thanks again, buddy for your thoughts, but this is the time when I disagree with you. When I heard you talk about this I got excited again, but then my inner voice told me to not do it. Here is what I briefly wrote about it on steemit…

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