Elon Musk Interview: On Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Elon Musk Interview: On Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

In this interview, Elon discusses his thoughts on bitcoin. Will bitcoin be more than a means of illegal transactions? Elon doesn’t think so. This is not a bad thing. He does acknowledge that digital currency does need to be revolutionized, however.

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  2. Well he has been seen reading a book about cryptocurrencies now, guess your outlook changes when you really start understanding the thing.

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  4. 3:24 lol ( Tesla accepts Bitcoin as form of payments now to buy their cars! )

  5. his former intern at tesla was probably rite about that elon musk is the creator of bitcoin

  6. Truth is anything is and has been used for illegal activity. Can't be stopped, no matter what we say is valuable. Humans would trade leaves for illegal activity, if we placed value in leaves. I never understand the argument, even despite people pointing out the anonymity of cryptocurrency. The true stars of the show are, blockchain and A.I. Amazing innovations are spawning from this new power couple. Profound to say the least. I don't care what anyone say's about Elon, he is on my bucket list of people i wish to have a conversation with.

  7. Hardcore Crypto

    He was very wrong.

  8. Martin Filipovic

    90% of you heard only what you wanted to hear. Hes opinion is so reserved, neutral and gray, Im having trouble understanding where the fuck are you people drawing conclusions from. "economic system needs a change", "BTC – probably a good thing, possibility of illegal money transfers" , furthermore; "… not necessarily a bad thing, some things shouldnt be illegal." btc was/is a moneymaking possibility.Risks involved, as its the case with other business opportunities. Most of you are as objective as a 4 year old. Thats why we cant have nice governments.

  9. Peter Meissnitzer

    Bitcoin is the ONLY TRUE decentralized coin , don't be fooled by imitators they are ALL pump and dump plays , there can only be one crypto KING …. BITCOIN . Join the revolution or be LEFT behind …. #$%^ the blood sucking vampires ie …. banksters / gangsters . And the 1%ers can go $%^ themselves with there insatiable greed . It's time for a change .

  10. By December 20, 2017 , in 1 second, 3 or 5 Bitcoin transactions are processed (confirmed) whereas 1000 transactions are processed with Visa card in a second. If people start to use Bitcoin as they claimed to buy daily commodities, coffe, cars and houses then it would take weeks if not months to confirm each Bitcoin transaction which would be inconsiviable and stupid. Even now, for 4 days my $1400.00 Bitcoin transaction is not confirmed on Blockchain wallet!!! Already by December 18, 2017 there is an unbearable congestion!!! Hence miner transaction fees increased to stupid numbers. Blockchain wallet asked me to pay $67.00 fee for a $120.00 Bitcoin transaction !! Buyers started to dump impractical Bitcoin now!! Hence it's marketcap fell down to %47 than %54. Bitcoin's extremely slow blockchain has no place in the future! This is the reality which should be addressed!! I have replaced all of my Bitcoins with Bitcoin cash.

  11. For a multi-billionaire, Elon Musk sounds retarded when he speaks. But, I guess speaking eloquently is not required when you're filthy rich. I can't wait for him to go to Mars! And discover a whole new Bitcoin world. Ha ha ha. 😉

  12. wow didn't expect Elon Musk to be so uninformed about economics. … a number to store labour … so stupid. almost Karl Marx

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  14. Mindaugas Bernatavičius

    Yea, he is really Satoshi, I'm convinced… give me a fucking break.

  15. its awful to listen him… stuttering af

  16. Butcorn's just a debit card but no customer service, and no security from fraud, Nigerian ransom scam, hack, gun to the head or lost private key

  17. He is the inventor. Fuck.

  18. Brandon Stidham

    I farted

  19. More illegal transactions have been made with the US Dollar than could ever be matched by Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency. Run bankers run.

  20. Overstock.com accepts bitcoin. Restaurants in Asia accept electronic payment. The idea that it is the currency of criminals is false and antiquated. US $100 bills are the most widely accepted currency of illegal enterprises.

  21. this proves this fake Tesla wannabe is a little bitch.

  22. How to get rich

    Idiot, and he can't even talk!

  23. Haris Murshidi

    the the the to to to sort of

  24. elon u dick

  25. Why do people, including Elon Musk spooot out worthless opinions about things they don't understand?

  26. that dude is fucking stupid

  27. David Gutierrez

    elon musk is a Scumbag! he is a crony Capitalist…

  28. Augusto de Oliveira

    The real bitcoin bubble hasn't started yet.
    When invester see bitcoin taking off they are going to go ape shit!

  29. AnEclecticSoul

    Shut Up Elon. The fiat dollar is used for more illegal transactions than any other currency in history

  30. Bitcoin is over $5595 today!    Friday the 13th!

  31. 'Illegal is good'. Hardly a thought leader. Respect lost.

  32. Elon missed the mark.

  33. Naman Dwivedi

    Money used to be a number and a database, with BTC its only one immutable number with no trusted 3rd party database

  34. Fiat is used for legal and illegal transactions.

  35. Alberto Martel

    Lol he has no clue of what Bitcoin is and does

  36. This is an old interview. I wonder if Elon's opinion of BTC & other cryptos has evolved at all since then.

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