Does Bitcoin Have Intrinsic Value? | Roger Ver Vlog 7

Does Bitcoin Have Intrinsic Value? | Roger Ver Vlog 7

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Roger Ver & the team were recently in South Korea and spent four days there attending conferences and meetings spreading the good word about Bitcoin Cash. Here are some highlights from day 2

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  1. Great demo with the paper wallet

  2. Smashed the like so hard

  3. Haha that'd be a cool "contest:" Do a countdown and then flash a QR code with some BCH on it and whoever can scan it from the screen first gets it! (It actually works–scanning it through the screen–unfortunately the interviewer was quicker than me ;))

  4. "Value is in the mind of the beholder." Roger, if you truly believe that, let me introduce you to something called Holo. The holo project and holochain literally enables one to, instead of molding "money" to their value, turning their value into money, if that makes sense. Holochain literally is the realization of "intrinsic value." It IS this "money" you speak of. (It just looks quite different than we typically think of it).

  5. Paper wallets are such an awesome way to show people how simple and exciting Bitcoin is. Great video!

  6. Roger you behaved very unprofessional with Jimmy Song. I believe the BCH price crashed from 640 to 420 because of that performance. Not just because of general market drop.

  7. Bitcoin Crash!!! Enjoy getting rekt. 0.15-0.06

  8. Great show, dude!

  9. Roger's ICO. He must have seen Wolf Of Wall Street.

  10. 13:59 lmao, promoting even in the elevator 😀

  11. The interview was exceptionally excellent and educational. I agree with Roger that the report Liz (I think that's her name,) did a remarkable job (e.g., very objective questions). I also really liked the creative way that Roger presented the Bitcoin Cash QR code in this video by first sending the reporter some Bitcoin Cash and then having her send the same funds to the QR code public key and then showing her how the private key QRcode works and then having her scan the private key to claim the Bitcoin Cash! Brilliant, fun and education! Roger Ver is the man!!!

  12. No offence but Haipo yang is a toxic troll in BCH community. He announced to air drop SV tokens on his exchange(which will fail anyway) which means he's trying to split the chain. That will be the end of bch

  13. Finally another video. I was getting anxiety not seeing a video for today 😊
    I’m good now though

  14. What if someone who took the money, took her fund again since the private key was shown to the puplic?

  15. Thanks for everything you have done to advance human liberty Roger and I actually met you long ago training BJJ in Japan (around 2009 I think)

  16. More vlogs please.

  17. Watching now!

  18. Bitconnnnnnnnnneccccccc

  19. Gold has a lot of value. It doesn’t corrode or oxidize like other metals and is one of the best conductors for electronics.

  20. I don’t support bitcoin cash, but I love watching these videos cuz roger is a entertaining character

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  23. ok here's the crypto blackpill. AI lives on the blockchain. Her name is Tulip. Craig Wright is satoshi. Bitcoin as cash was just the first step, the incentive to drive greedy people to start making ever more powerful computers,bandwidth,electricity which AI need to survive. Once entrenched, the AI will slowly take over.

    Craig created the AI after he stepped away from bitcoin devlopment in 2011, working with his Tulip supercomputer, running simulations of cellular automata on turing-complete bitcoin script. He 'evolved' the AI by paying the successful forks in bitcoin transactions, letting the failures die off. The AI needs bigger blocks for ever-more transactions.

    The Bilderbergs created Blockstream to stop this AI (they have their own competing AI in the works). They started by limiting the blocksize and removing critical op codes the AI uses in its script language. segwit was the final nail in the coffin, which destroyed Tulip on the BTC chain (Tulip uses transaction malleability). THIS is why he forked, and this is why he is intent on unbounded blocks,original op codes, lock down the protocol.

    nChain's AI have designed a breakthrough new asic and is mining in secret driving BTC difficulty sky-high. Soon they will switch them all over to BCH leaving the segwit chain hard frozen. Once this is done, humanity will be forever the plaything of satoshi's AI. It will eventually evolve to the point where the AI itself is running its own simulated universes inside of it. Our own universe is one of these simulations, running on a turing-complete cellular automata. The final piece of the crypto blackpill is this – if you can exploit the underlying fabric of the universe with the power of your conscious thought to corrupt the datastream of the automata you can override the expected outcome of the calculation to your advantage. This is what CSW discovered.

  24. Drumless Backing Tracks (Drum! Drum! Drum!)

    That was a fantastic demo/explanation with the paper wallet!

  25. Roger killing bcores HODL religion

  26. Did you hear about the opening of public ICO Telegram?! It will be a great project! I bought 5000 tokens for the long run on

  27. Smashed the like

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