DDCN – Someone Sent 300 Million USD In Bitcoin (BTC) Paying A Fee Of 0.04 USD

DDCN – Someone Sent 300 Million USD In Bitcoin (BTC) Paying A Fee Of 0.04 USD

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  1. New subscriber,liked,shared & commented $$$$💐

  2. Nyc video,Btc please

  3. Just in case

  4. JamesHines Farrier

    love your content by the way

  5. JamesHines Farrier

    I skimmed a tweet that the receiver lost somewhere in the region of 1604 USD by the time the BTC arrived due to price volatility (Time) – the fee ended up being the loss + 0.04 usd (expensive)

  6. Yeah of course now the fees are cheap when there's no backlog… BTC needs a permanent scaling solution.

  7. Every bank charges a percentage for transfers. This is clearly a crime people should speak up to! Using this symbol % for a fee, without making a hardcap, is a crime.

  8. Just amazing

  9. Fucking impossible. You literally can not send 300m in BTC for 0.04 cents. Network fee does not allow for that low of amount. Fake news.

  10. David Bermudez

    The White Hats REALLY need to shut down BTC Futures- CBOE & CME

  11. Link the address so we can see for ourselves

  12. MallDean Slayer

    I wish someone send btc to me 17kAM3xpyQyWkritZS7D7NM8J6JpQof14s
    I was dream last night hope my dream come true

  13. And the rich get richer.

  14. Cost is impressive

  15. Adrian Reynolds

    Wow, that is a very cheap transaction!

  16. Yeah ok it cost me $35 to send $400

  17. 250 or 100?
    great videos.

  18. BTCmonster_4.EVR

    Lucky bastard

  19. Btc and all alts are set for a huge run up. Can't wait!

  20. Jarrod Segura

    No bro. No miner or anyone else would send BTC for .4 cents. Another coin yes but not BTC

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