Dash Rises 60%, Bitcoin Price Recovery And Bitcoin Gold Finally Launches – 138

Dash Rises 60%, Bitcoin Price Recovery And Bitcoin Gold Finally Launches – 138

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  1. Traders are you worried and tired? Suffer loss no more the Messiah is here
    At first I doubted but it's real
    Mr Fedor is the man
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  2. 킬러웨일 - KillaWhale[비트코인]

    Hey man! thanks for the video.
    I know you are busy but could you do an overview of Substratum(ICO) please?
    It's really interesting and i think people should know

  3. everwharesismine

    So I held my bitcoin in a ledger nano s…. and now bitcoin gold has launched… how do I find/get my bitcoin gold…. ledger is mute on the update of information.

  4. Ty The White Guy

    Just invest in the block chain technology not the coins themselves #bigboss

  5. Charles Miller

    This is just a bounce on the way down to the 38.2% retrace of the whole run from 152 (!), the 61.8% retrace of the last rally leg, and the top of the previous big rally, all of which coincide at the 4900 level. Then we can get back to working on the next ATH. HODL!

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  7. Any honest advice about bitcoin. I was thinking of getting into it but know absolutely nothing about how it works or how you turn it into cash. Any advice on safety. How you turn bitcoin into cash. And if it's worth getting into would be greatly appreciated

  8. Константин Юргель

    Yes, now the trades Bitcoin Gold are open,and today i test official btgolds.org and claim my 2.25 BTG. But i can't understand why on YoBit exchange was higth price, is a good company or not, who know? All this fork is wery hard for me  :((

  9. Pump and dump action just like the world of penny stocks of old!

  10. Its not actually over 900 rank its in limbo like regal and b2x it doesnt have an official ramking

  11. The strength of Bitcoin Gold is it’s ASIC resistant mining algorithm which can eliminate the centralization of mining and give it back to the people vs BITMAIN et al that want to control mining and as a result affect the price of Bitcoin.

  12. BTRASH is nothing more than a futile and vailed attempt to to disrupt BITCOIN by a centralized group of snakes whose motives are to lining their pockets with money all under the guise of “making Bitcoin better”. Do not be fooled by the wolves in sheeps clothing – their aim is to CONTROL Bitcoin through a CENTRALIZED corporate takeover – and profit from their (failed) coup d’état.

  13. As a merchant that accepts crypto payments I can tell you NO ONE has ever paid me in DASH – almost all payments I receive are in BTC.

  14. The mexican Fonz

    Any news on the ripple Singapore conference.

  15. All the money flowing into the other alt coins except Ripple XRP as always.

  16. Talking Cock !

  17. TooLegit ToQuit


  18. Karlsruhe Karlsruhe

    Great Videos as always, much appreciated! Any chance you will make an update video on Ripple and XRP?

  19. Please some explain. Bigger blocks mean faster transaction but lower security? Is this right? Also what do bigger blocks mean to the miners? Would appreciate your help

  20. The Sharper Sword

    BCH was definitely manipulated. Look at the BCH price chart: at exactly 7:30 AM on November 12 the price dropped from $2477 to $1400 within exactly 30 minutes. Thats not natural market forces, that is artificial. One person or group decided to sell a huge amount of coins at one time, causing the price to drop by almost 50% or $1000 before the rest of the world had a chance to even respond. Then after that you see the natural market response as the price bleeds out over the next several hours and days.

  21. Every Little Bitcoin

    Great video! Love the updates love the image you have for this video. Any chance you can point me in the direction to get it?

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