Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News for June 5th 2018

Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News for June 5th 2018

Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News for June 5th 2018 – https://CryptosRUs.com

A quick look at CMC and BTC’s short-term movement. Also a look at Steve Wozniak and Ripple news. Lastly a quick comment about ending the P2P competition.

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  1. It's June 6th in Asia/Australia! Sorry for the mix up 🙂

  2. FirstMillionRoad is a great way to earn ca$h

  3. Boo no more p2p… Oh well. Maybe something new later on. I only missed one which tied you George lol! I spread the word.
    I nominate Denta coin

  4. I was never good in analysing charts, I am using signals from bit200net and it works very well so far.

  5. yeah, sorry to hear the competition ended. I participated the first couple of times, but most of the time I'm watching from my mobile, and I just don't have my eth address ready available, and I forgot to do it later at my computer… Could be one of the reasons people didn't participate as much.

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  7. So Steve Wozniack Believes but isn't an investor. hmmmmmmm That's like recommending someone read a book but hasn't read it himself. The SEC can barely prosecute just regular trade fraud. They appointed a talking head. Did they give him a budget and a task force? Most likely NOT.

  8. Very sad George you ended the competition ironically last Sunday was the only Sunday I did not participate I guess I deserved what came to me…

  9. Bearish Upside down cuppatea?

  10. Thanks George for mention my birthday in advance now i got two birthday …

  11. I think you mad about basketball and you should not be taking it out on us by stopping the p2p comp.

  12. Hello 🙂
    about the Ptp
    i don't care about that
    i think most of us are in for the long term hold
    im just here cuz you tell us about some nice coins and cool products

    thanks for that :3

  13. George, really disappointed you stopped P2P…. a lot of your followers would be since it was fun and supposed to go all year. Your “true” followers always participated and it’s the “true” followers you want to keep, not these fair-weather followers that only came once to do the comp then left. I’d rather have my close true followers that watch my videos everyday participating than new followers that only come to do that then leave. Bummer man :/

  14. Great video i must confess. I have promised myself to always tell the world how you earned me profit. with 0.23 btc i made 2.1 btc. Ashton Clegg you are so smart and reliable. You can write him on telegram, call, text, Skype or whatsApp him with +15183519039.

  15. Hi, thanks for the info, do u have a top 3 alt coins under a dollar for 2018? Thanks..

  16. Just wanted to thank you . the peer to peer made me look for great alt coins and kept me busy during the dips. Your Bullish ways and coin reviews are so good I got a lil lazy doing my homework.

  17. George time traveling, he must know something like BTC mooning! Lambo XD

  18. George Nuls looks reliable and reovers well 👍

  19. Sorry to see the competition end. It was fun while it lasted!

  20. Bitcoin Center NYC's Satoshi Square Meetup Returns to NYC First this Thursday, June 7th.

  21. Thank you George, appreciate your efforts and time!

  22. Бауыржан Абдикалык

    Holy crap the real thing from Telegram! Pavel Durov opened one more ICO lap on tokenrating.site/telegram

  23. Hey george what do you think of iotex

  24. Please make a video on NIX

  25. Инна Родионова

    Did all of you manag to buy Telegram tokens? For a couple of days almost all of them were sold through x-crypto.org/gramnetwork

  26. this was my favorite contest in crypto. the best way to do it

    im sad…

  27. I miss one week of the contest and you end it. 😕 Hope you bring it back because it was always fun to play and keep up with the market. Still my favorite dude to follow around crypto. I’ll keep spreading your name to anyone into crypto.

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  29. Great post! Appreciate your time!

  30. Think of it like this, WHY WOULD THE CORE PEOPLE WANT MORE COMPETITION?! More people would mean that there is a smaller chance of the core people's nominations of being picked by the random generator

  31. YoubTech - برامج

    SwiftDemand Bounty
    Sign up – 100 tokens;
    Referral – 500 tokens;
    Daily login – 100 tokens.

  32. At least you got 10% more channel subscriptions since competition started.

  33. So tired of hearing 'BITCOIN IS FUTURE CURRENCY', it's a store of value and the Model-T Ford of Crypto.

  34. It's ya boy Hus A

    Got lucky 88 like 😎

  35. Bummed about the contest ending. Thought I had a great shot at winning the btc woth EOS. I told everyone I could about the contest but people would say they got busy on Sundays and forget to enter. I think mondays would have been better. Thanks for the eth though!

  36. Василий Сергеев

    I was very disappointed by Bitcoin( Now I have the only hope for Telegram – token. I bought 10000 tokens. Literally for a couple of days of an open pre-sale they snapped up almost all the tokens on http://www.tokenrating.site/telegram-gram

  37. I will never and I mean never fomo into a new listing on binance. Especially one that is mooning elsewhere and binance postpones it. I lost 500.00 last night. Hard lesson learned…..

  38. Use demo of Zencash in Amsterdam.

  39. Oh man! You have not gotten picked yet after a while following and participate 🙁
    But still, appreciate your videos

  40. Hello from Springfield Missouri!! I keep on picking up more Nuls on the dip and hopefully going to pay off when the bull run happens!!!

  41. "Free Eth?." I thought all this time you were sayin' "free Meth."

  42. Саша Бычков

    Today I read that GRAM token from Pavel Durov can show the biggest growth for all history of cryptocurrencies! In an open round of ICO in the span of just several days they collected almost full whack x-crypto.info/telegramblockchain

  43. Did you notice a buoyant demand for ICO Telegram? icorating2018.info/telegramico Today decided to buy 5000 tokens)

  44. You should make a p2p for a subscription to insider

  45. Got a little scared for my long when you released a video but this time it made btc pump! Thanks George <3 Keep it up

  46. What’s the best and easiest way to invest in ripple?

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