Cryptocurrency Market Crash Nearing An End? – Bitcoin Price Prediction

Cryptocurrency Market Crash Nearing An End? – Bitcoin Price Prediction

Is the Cryptocurrency market crash over? Is the bitcoin market starting to recover? Is this all just a brief glimpse of green before the market crashes even further? These are many of the crypto questions we discuss in todays video.

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  1. Crypto Conversations

    Love it…

  2. Crypto Conversations

    Nice video

  3. Amantur Sultanov


  4. Nicole De Meneses

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  5. Has anyone experience with Phoenixcoin (PXC) ?

  6. Nice vid. thanks

  7. I love this channel, learned so much, you're awesome at breaking this shit down

  8. Miguel Monzon

    Great videos, great sharing, thanks a lot bro !!

  9. The author now accepts that fact that the only way for bitcoin to go higher is the "bottom line" that it appears to go higher. Bitcoin was always about "going higher" so that anyone buys now can make money from those who buy later. It was never about fair currency and all blockchain bullshit. The most inefficient technology ever created and that is the blockchain technology. It is being promoted by those who own bitcoin or other types of crypto.

  10. Daniel Reynolds

    I dunno if this guy is a teacher or not —- but if he isn’t, he missed his calling in life. Kudos friend

  11. B, thank you for the content bro, keep it up and have patience.

  12. I love you technical analysis of coins. Keep it up B!

  13. TOOOOOOOO day

  14. Buy COSS and HODL, it's working for me.

  15. Q Phonic Entertainment

    Buy Some Levoplus 👊👊👊

  16. Crypto-currency as a technology (blockchain) may survive, but Bitcoin and every other coin will eventually be almost worthless, just like Beanie-babies. I hear Bitcoin fanboys touting the fact that there will only ever be a fixed number of "coins", but there are an infinite number of alternative "coins" that can be created, which means the available supply of cash in the world will be split among the many billions of "coins" that are being created. At some point there is not enough money. Besides that, many of the alternative coins are not even exchanging for actual money. They are only able to be purchased with another crypto-currency. This is the equivalent of the derivatives markets (what caused the mortgage/stock market crisis and almost destroyed the world). Someone buys $1000 worth of Bitcoin and hedge funds use the lack of volume to bid the price up until legions of shopkeepers in Asia can't help themselves and pour their families' life savings in. When the volume spikes to the upside, the hedge funds pull their cash back out, in addition to now using the CBOE to lock in their bets before the 50% pullback. Meanwhile, the average Joe in Asia thinks his Bitcoins are worth almost $20k, so he uses them to buy Etherium or Litecoin or whatever other currency was just created this week, and now that coin claims to be worth something. Somehow we have come up with a market cap of $20k + another $20k worth of the alternative coin. Then that alternative coin is used to purchase another $20k worth of some other one, and on and on. This will all end badly for the people claiming to be crypto-experts in trading and anyone else who got in late in the game. Unfortunately, hedge funds are also invested in the stock and bond markets, and come this October when they open their accounts up for people to either add money or withdraw their money, there will not be anywhere near enough money for everyone to cash out. So, like in October of 2008 – 2009, they will have to sell anything they can, which means a likely stock market crash. Too bad people are pouring the IRA/retirement into this sham. Think about it: a totally unregulated investment controlled by anonymous hackers and manipulated by hedge funds. Sounds like a great investment even though none of this even existed ten years ago. What happens when all the big banks create their own crypto-currency to move money between themselves and they ban Bitcoin? What happens when Amazon creates its own crypto-currency? There are infinite number of coins and a finite amount of real money. Not a good formula. Governments of the world will never allow a currency they can't control to take over. They are just waiting until their hedge fund friends cash out before causing it to crash to $0 like they did in 2009.

  17. Cristian Costea

    i continue to enjoy your technical analysis keep it up. do you know of other channels with this type of analysis on crypto. i want to educate myself more

  18. AlexDrastico380

    Bitcoin is the cleverest Ponzi scheme ever designed. It's making the perpetrators millions. But the vast majority of the people are not as smart as the masterminds, so it's going on for quite a long time.

  19. tony bradford

    I believe that after lunar year we will see a big jump in the market aswell but its gona take a while to go back to how it was. you want to hit up on instagram at byrantbradford

  20. Thanks for the video but in reality NO ONE can predict the future who knows. I could only say to stay positive and bullish 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

  21. Epc wallet me kisi ko invest kar Na chate ho to call me 9619924573

  22. Very true.
    Crypto is essentially online gambling at present.
    Me? I put my money at the top. That's me though. I'm a baller.

  23. Excellent

  24. Hope Conspiracy

    Market will go sideways before it goes up. We have seen a fight from about 7.5k – 8.5k with bulls fighting bears, But if we can break the resistance to about 10k it will be a green light.

  25. Crypto Sprint

    Very nicely done and explained 👍

  26. You're a clever guy mate but i think you have a bit of a responsible to your viewers to perhaps suggest that the so called recovery is a direct result of the issuance of EUR Tether, and in addition, literally all significant trading volume is down to market manipulation.

  27. Just finished watching. Great job! Please also review the upcoming monero hard fork and talk about this fork with MoneroV in your next vid.

  28. Shouts out baby boy and philakone

  29. Litecoin Plus (LCP) is only $0.3 with a 4 million max supply. Time to buy and hodl before the rocket ship launches to the moon!

  30. Patrick Fretschel

    So mad I didnt know this channel when it came out. So so much catch up

  31. Benjamin Knotts

    I enjoy your content

  32. tnx

  33. Dedskin Prodcer/DJ

    i f you ask me , casual miner and Gamers that kind of learn how to do it , that group is 5% of bitcoin , so they cant change anything , they diidnt do anything , but 3% of wallet holders have 95% of bitcoin so imagine who is doing this . And when they do that they are not even helping bitcoin they are cashing in for themselves

  34. But if we see highs like that within this year, won't it go down just as hard?

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