Crypto News | Bitcoin Price Bounce Temporary? John McAfee Hacked! More Tether Props Bitcoin Price

Crypto News | Bitcoin Price Bounce Temporary? John McAfee Hacked! More Tether Props Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin price bounces however is this temporary moving from oversold conditions before further downside or the start of a trend reversal. Comment below what you think!

John Mcaffee wallet that he purported to not being able to be hacked has been hacked…twice. We see more tether being minted further proping up the price of bitcoin.

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  1. for any major or minor hacking ensure you dm@jordanhack999 on instagram he is very efficient and reliable.he provides the best services so far.he is very affordable and charges way less,for a quick reply tell him james sent you

  2. Independent Alternative Medias of Australia

    G’day James,Could you apply your considerable skills and abilities into an opinion on Havven stable coin? Passive income,Payment system and ico platform,also EOS is adopting coin for blockchain and holders get airdrops of half EOS chain tokens.👍🏻Tyvm Good Sir💪🏻👊🏻

  3. benny j johnson

    James can you take a look at Ethos project please dude.

  4. Another top video – made some gains today. (much needed!) Could you just briefly explain how Tether can implode or whatever, and what would that mean in holding it? (sorry if you done it before. I've watched a lot of your video's that talk about it.)

  5. Thanks James, can you do TA on BNB/BTC ?

  6. Thanks James

  7. James can you look at Dash please…Also James have you ever used Tensor charts

  8. Thanks for the response. I also really believe its a much better space to be profitable and personally feel its the future. I am much more of an investor than a day trader and recently bought some crypto but I do watch the price action very closely daily. And also maybe coming from the forex space seeing such huge moves everyday take some getting used to. Thanks for the response again great channel.

  9. Another great video!!! Keep it up James!!

  10. Awesome video today James ! Do you watch any other crypto content creators on the internet? Seems like a few of them have stopped making videos like CryptoBud and datadash. The good ones like your channel and another favorite of mine (George with CryptosRUS) keep producing daily videos. Check him out if you get a chance and thanks for your dedication to keeping the space informed. Keep calm and HODL on my friend. 🙂

  11. great news as always ! james thanks

  12. Volumes on the videos much better lately!

  13. Another brilliant video, thanks m'man!

  14. I know John McAfee is a large player in the space but I feel like anytime his name is mentioned it should immediately be followed by murder accomplice and rapist. That netflix doc was a real eye opener.

  15. Nicholas Huyter

    Is it likely the SEC will want BTC partially pegged to a regulated exchange like the upcoming nasdaq exchange? Seems like good reason for them to delay it another 45 days. I’m sure cboe can submit an amendment to their application including this exchange but that would probably delay the application processing time as well.

  16. I can't imagine a portfolio that isn't predominantly BTC. Everyone should try to get 1 BTC before anything else.

  17. great vid

  18. Thanks James. Trying to find an entry point on btc. What level on Patreon would you recommend where I can get more knowledge from you? Love the videos.

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