Crypto Investing #58 – How To Invest In Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies For Beginners – By Tai Zen

Crypto Investing #58 – How To Invest In Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies For Beginners – By Tai Zen


  1. Vincent de Jonge

    I have a question. I bought Neblio´s (Nebls) and it went 10X in six weeks. Which is nice! Some analysts say i might be the next Stratis in a year or so. But nobody knows right. My question is: when do you sell when an ico hits?

  2. did he said his name was Tarzan ?

  3. Thank you for taking for putting this together! I am very interested in doing this.

  4. What is the best ICO to invest on right now?

  5. If BTC breaks $4200 all good – ico STARTS – IOTA crypto-currency and the Cannabis Industry have now joined, it will be huge!

    1. Create a blockchain platform that tracks products from grow house to lab, verifies lab results for strain/THC content, and through to delivery at a dispensary. Basically, an agriculture-focused supply chain management blockchain system.

    2. Create coworking spaces for cannabis-industry startups so they can reliably find office space and have access to other professionals in the cannabis industry to support one another.

    davidsonstebo 4th Sep 2017 Yes, IOTA is still assisting Paragon to implement IOTA for the data integrity and provenance layer. In regards to tracking progress I defer to Paragon.

  6. Linxcoin uprising soon.

  7. Nice finance BTC game Try it!

  8. The one and only Mistah Tai Zen! ;0

  9. Agsilverdojo Bullion

    Call it what they want " pump and dump" whatever! It's about making profits and getting too your real goals, dreams, visions, my real thing is silver.. physical silver and micro minting my own designs and it's hard comming up with the funding and capital to mint so these crypto's are a way and catalyst to do the real thing and bigger vision, dream i have and I want too do and it's been a bitch finding investors to help me with capital and being a sole proprietor entrepreneur with little funds it's almost impossible to get off the ground until these crypto's came out and these ICO so now I can be my own investor and turn these profits using ur system to mint my silver coin designs and then be holding physical silver in my possession with no counterparty risks ! Thanks guys

  10. Agsilverdojo Bullion

    And I like localbitcoins to buy bitcoin over Coinbase! Coinbase is getting shady! I first bought off localbitcoin in 2011 and it's still here and one of the 1st adopters. And use blockchain info and then push it over too Exudus to exchange and keep putting 50% of profits each week into paper wallet off exchange! Guys does that sound like good advice with using your 10x system?

  11. victortancheongwee

    I think put 6 months will be comfortable, I means 6 month salary.

  12. So would it be a bad time to purchase a bitcoin since they're 4K just for 1…. Please help because I would like to start purchasing other forms of money.

  13. It would be nice if you could make video on the computer rather than talking in a car with entire A to Z from how to start, turn money to Bitcoin and then how to invest in ICOS that would be very helpful. This was very informative but still bit confused. Thank you.

  14. It seems nowadays it's impossible to get into an ICO. All the whales hog up the promising ones, and we are left buying on 1st day and getting their scraps.

  15. Agsilverdojo Bullion

    Great video bro!

  16. Just a question… so have you done or tried everything you just said? Like you hit it big 3 out of 10?

  17. I deposited $1500 into poloniex thru coinbase. That was in June, since then BTC has gone up $1500 but I don't see an increase in $ value reflected in poloniex. Why?

  18. Thanks for the video good brother….

  19. Do you where to get one to one coaching on cryptocurrencies investing?

  20. Pierluigi Marcus

    Honestly i have interest in this my friend. Hope we can get along. I really want to invest on bitcoin, Love this platform

  21. pls share tru tighting pls..any amount will do..3NFNwRbgyqwQ4vCawLhU98JbeVoKQp134V

  22. great video guys!! not exactly a newbie but I still learned a lot thanks:)

  23. Coinbase only has eth lite and btc. Which site do u recommend to invest in other alts. Can u also recommended the one which works for EU region?

  24. tai how can we invest on ICO's?

  25. is it possible for you to make a tutorial video for Beginners, as in people who have 0% idea about this industry and want to invest?
    I think that's going to be helpful too 🙂
    I'm so inspired by your video.

  26. It's more like 1-2 ICOs a day now

  27. When he talks about ICO's does he mean investing through Poloniex or through websites like

  28. Digitalcurrencyinvestor

    Hey, I watched this video, LOVED IT. I am also from the slums of Chicago and have worked my way up from good old fashioned hard work past attendee of the school of hard knocks. I actually heard of bit coin way back in 2011 and thought it was cool but never invested ( kick me in the face ! ) I am wondering, I saw on cryptocurrency market that you have a 20000 dollar course on investing which is waaaaaay out of my ball park cash wise, is there any thing else you offer for us little fish that have say 10000 and want to invest ?

  29. coinbase is down again – so annoying

  30. can someone tell me where to go to create my wallet and get my private key coinbase does not give you your private key

  31. yeah whats bitcoins liquidity

  32. thanks …please research me-coin in Columbia ,usi tech .io please make ico video. soon

  33. Original FAMFAM

    I have 120 subscribers. I will be referring them to your channel, Mr Tai Zen!

  34. Original FAMFAM

    This information gives me hope. Thank you, Tai. Please keep making videos. I hope to join you at the top in the next 10 years.

  35. Original FAMFAM

    This information gives me hope. Thank you, Tai. Please keep making videos. I hope to join you at the top in the next 10 years.

  36. Trump supporter

    what the helll is this? think about it. Use ur common sense people, this is nothing but hype, bitcoin is nothing but popularity, . talk about selling penny for a dollar ….lol

  37. aditya isfahani

    I screwed up with margin trading n lost 25-40% of my btc investment. Lol.. I'll get it back soon, I hope….

  38. Alfred Stormpike

    How do you know when to sell? What if you want long term profit from the coins? Wouldn't it make sense to hold the most potential coins long term?

  39. Hi Tai! hiw can i get the bitcoins? also do I need to have a broker to invest? i found a lady who is asking me for 1000 dlls and she said that i will be making 50dlls daly and if i bring 2 more people sje will put them under me so i can get 150 dlls a month and if i keep bringing more people i will get another porcentage from their investmen. she said that i will put the money into "TWO BITCOIN". what do you think? is this a scam? let me know please. like many people i would love to earn easy money. 🙂

  40. Absolutely amazing…..

  41. 400 COULD make you millions if you picked the right coin…but 4k gives you those first odds x10…that's why America is a great place to live

  42. Hey Tai,
    CryptO turned me on to your Channel ?

    So I'm sitting here with 10 Bitcoins & 300 Ethereum… now what? Honestly most of the time, feel paralyzed to make any move trading. It's frustrating. What do you suggest?

  43. why shouldn't i mine btc

  44. Nikhil Friedman

    should I buy or mine bitcoin?

  45. Need a place where to look for ICO Coins I know Beatrix offers I see yours if you want to know while what can we check to see what the next ones are coming up

  46. hi bro can u do the video about adzcoin

  47. Tai – which exchanges are you hitting to trade/find these coins? I'm guessing smaller exchanges like Mercatox or XCP exchange? In other words, are you buying into them before they go mainstream like Polo?

  48. Javkhlan Narantsetseg

    Hey Tai what about Litecoin at is time? Under undervalued or something. 1st time investing for crypto.

  49. BruceBlitzHasTits

    very good video

  50. you dont need an ico for identity system you stupid idiot.PGP is fucking FREE.

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