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  2. Carolyn Taggart

    i dont even care if ethereum drops anymore as long as multicoinbank is still active and they still pay me double of my ethereum i invest after 7 days, i know i will be so rich before the end of 2018. i know how much i have gotten as profit from multicoinbank with 2 months that i have been investing with them and i will keep investing till i have the most ethereum in the world

  3. The Good Life

    Good to know, I appreciate your honesty and research in this matter.
    I always considered most Altcoins as silly and unnecessary anyway.
    I was going to start my own Altcoin, (it's very easy to do)…but realized I would be stealing from people, so I didn't.

  4. Ethereum (ETH) prices are down 46.31% since Jan. 1, but the correction might not last long according to the 2018 Ethereum price prediction.
    One CEO in the crypto industry predicts Ethereum could be worth $6,000 by the end of 2018
    Read full report at the official website :

  5. If you truly believe

  6. Donovan Enslin

    Depending on the reason you put money into ether, investments are never guaranteed. There will always be pro's and con's

  7. I’m actually worried about the same things, but still I will buy eth at the dips. Also still have to buy eth to get into ico.
    Also this is another reason why maybe during these times you should get in BTC more. No one can raid a btc office.

  8. I'm not understanding what the SEC really can do most exchanges that actually have traffic exist outside the US and 2nd most ICO's just don't offer to US citizens.

  9. Michael Rodriguez


  10. Joshua Pierre

    I spent way more money on the electric bill

  11. Daniele Gaspari

    I see your point, but these project are not going to liquidate their eth second proof of stake is the future, mining will require too much elecricity in the future and it won't be remunerative as it is right now, third plasma is comeing out soon and if it work it will scale ethereum quite well, oh and coinbase is going to support ERC20 tokens… not saying ethereum will moon tomorrow but defenetly won't die soon……

  12. Housam Jarrar

    I agree with you as far as the ETH time bomb is far as the SEC, you are partially wrong..a US district judge has already declared cryptocurrencies as commodities which is not in the perview of the SEC.officials says allot of things,just look at what federal reserve officials are saying about BTC.utility tokens are not securities.I own an SEC registered company's token right now..if what you say is true,then that cannot happen.just google tradove BBC token.

  13. As Ethereum moves closer to proof of stake, there will probably be a lot of incentive to be holding it in the next 8-12 months or more. I can see whales buying it back up just for the dividends they'll get.

  14. Irvin Mendoza

    You think if ethereum goes to 1 dollar would you buy?

  15. can someone trade a coin(new coin offering) for ethereum by creating an exchange website, so people won't have to go through all the hassle of doing it themselves?

  16. Again, legal prozess is most forward for btc and eth!

  17. Price crash would be nice, I'd love to buy more.

  18. 11 ShyGuyAZ 11

    Ethereum will never die

  19. I there am here to recomend a professional hacker who help me double up my bitcoin wallet ,I had doubt it until he were able to help me double up my bitcoin wallet with $10,000…You can contact him at a and I can assure you he will help you

  20. keep an eye of ETHERIUM, its going to be 0

  21. Copying Ivan on tech's style with the excessive "guys"

  22. I’ve been mining since early 2011 and got scared as soon as I saw that parabolic spike after September last year. That opened the doors to2 things. First, a lot of GPU-get rich quick joes, and old GPU miners plus investors who had a “sell quick experience” to get an ROI like it happened in 2013 with BTC all around and with LTC mining difficulties going up. Besides that, the boom in the media opened the doors to 95% percent of new investors last year who had no idea what this industry is about.

  23. Gig9 remains commited to working with the world's best entrepreneurs who are leveraging blockchain technology ..!!

  24. Gig9 made my life easily coachable for me..!!

  25. You should look into this:

    Proof of weak hands 3D
    This is a platform that can never go away because no one owns it! You don’t even need to sign up. Just get a metamask ether wallet for your browser.
    Runs on the smart contract system on the ethereum network.
    1. You buy coins at market rate and hold on to it to collect earnings ( I am averaging 1 percent to 2 percent a day)
    2. earnings comes from a pool created when someone buys or sells (they are charged 10 percent to buy the tokens and 10 percent to sell the tokens)
    3. Every time someone has a weak hand and sells, 10 percent of their sell price goes to all people who hold.
    4. Basically, as long as you hold, you will make earnings that you can take off the platform!
    5. FUD means more dividends! So it’s probably the only coin going up in price during a downturn.
    6. This is what lending was supposed to be! But It won’t exit scam on you!
    7. Don’t listen to any platform that says they will give you ridiculous returns, they are lying. With this thing, at least you can see the code and if you are good with code, you can see if its solid.

  26. Did russia ever come out with something good in the first place???????

  27. hopelyn torti

    education token is one token that you would want to invest it,u can purchase it with credit card and PayPal,btc and ETH


    will be recover again..

  29. My comment is that, maybe just maybe you missed the fact that we are in a bear market. Now lets say you missed that, well, it never came to mind that not only the token under the eth platform, but every single other coin has and always will, at least until we see the fed coin pop up. Now it may not be called fed coin, but it will be gov reg. Now this may take at least a year, 2 who know. My opinion is this, the so called fed coin has already surfaced, has been for a long time. We, you and I should have to ask an expert giver us some bullshit answer. Bottom line when Bitcoin goes up, the rest will go up, but you are partially right, the sec, Securities and Exchange Creators, not commision, IMF, etc, could have abolish 90 % of these coins, just like the stock market. Tel me you don't see a clear similarity to the currencies and stock market. Most people count on deregulation as a benefit and profit factor, but come on, really, do you really think the gov is going to be swindled into being left behind. So back to what I was saying, they could be destroying the entire coin market, by having amazon, google, or some other giant create their own coin, and "cRIPLE" the entire market. So what to look fo cdr, I guess companies which have already come to terms that if you cant beat them, join them, who out their is and have already been working with the system as opposed to against the system, you may feel sadly mistaken as well, let me ask you spartan, what is your profession, yeah i still give you the respect of a spartan and not a sculpture, or farmer. I can see you have enthusiasm, but their are such a thing as market trends and yearly highs, ever see the prices go up around july and new years, coincidence, yeaaaaa !!!!! OK. Your right the sec the gov which means something to only the usa, a country and collar, and stock market which is way over valued. Did you know that the us dollar true worth is 1us penny, but now its a petrodollar, so its keeps strong, or is it donald trump keeping hope in the county, he is actually the best thing that has happen to the united states in a long long time. So here we go, the united states is the only fucking bubble which should have already popped, but the bigger the balloon gets, the bigger is the pop. For the dam idiots which wanted that sidewalk whore clinton bitch ass cunt, win the elections, hang yourself, because you nearly killed your children. And stop with the us customers, talk about Korea, or japan if you want to worry people. The United States will pop, and when it does, where the hell do you think people will place their money' the only safe place will be cryptos. Ok bring up gold and silver, and i'll tel you china and russia is where you'll have to buy it. The us gov agenda is to sink the fucking world, and control the masses by their one world currency, wonder if its not already out their, any crypto you know have been signing on all the banks and payment systems. So as you speculate, you forget one thing, sec, gov, kunts, are greedy, and will make sure to hype and push up eth and other dying coins, will push up the price, then get all the money by dumping it all keeping everyone's money. Tel people is now a pump and dump, a short term profit. REMEMBER, SOME OF THESE COINS SOLVE REAL PROBLEMS, BOTTOM LINE CRYPTOS ARE HERE TO STAY MY FRIEND, IF YOU DON'T THINK SO, SHORT IT OR PUT YOUR MONEY INTO THE STOCK MARKET, STRONG MARKET OR IS IT VERY WAY OVER VALUED. aND BY THE WAY, FUCK THE SEC DYING MARKET AND DOLLAR MEMBER SCARED TO LOOSE HIS JOB. ASIDE FROM TESLA, I SAY GET THE HELL OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OF THE STOCK MARKET, RUN AND NEVER LOOK BACK. YOU KEEP THINKING THIS WAY YOU MAY YOURSELF LIVE IN THE PROJECTS. You are either a broker or a part time jack of all trades, a puppet of the masters which control your mind. Nice chat, now go watch cnn or cnbc, you'll find your answers their, or better yet, smash that tv friend. AND OHHHHH…. YES ITS WORST THAN FUD, ITS DIRTY NEWS MUD.

  30. I personally believe that Ethereum is going to hit sub $100 levels. Part because of what you’ve mentioned and part is because of the competition and its scalability issues. Remember the crypto-kitties fiasco and how Ethereum straight up failed to even handle that one game. The only thing keeping the lights on for ETH is the trading pair on exchanges.

  31. well look into Apollo currency all

  32. The market will experience a very bullish uptrend during the next few months. And so will Etherium, ETH will shine again ; ) There we're not talking about death here, but revival!

  33. someone missed the train

  34. IDK what ETHwill do but Arcane Bear is asking if ETH will go to $5k and he puts up a great argument why. Check out his YouTube video very pro ETH. Will Ethereum go to $5000?

  35. Author brought some very valid points. Since US crackdown on ICO's, ETH 's been steadily under performing other coins. I have 5 of these coins and Im thinking about taking a loss and changing them to BCH or BTC. This idiots with comments "ETH will be fine, stop listening to this fool" are the real fools. Present the facts instead of name calling. Very good video,. I think I'll ride on BCH's next wave and when the time is right, I'll exchange BCH to BTC, hopefully 1:3 ratio

  36. That’s part of the problem. Alt coins are artificially overvalued as well.

  37. Video is fud and wrong! since 2009 at least 200 articles been written ab bitcoin and crypto world, that its gonna die and crush, maybe we experience some issues but this cryptoworld still in baby shoes

  38. Муслим Типаев

    Keep eth. If someone says it is going down buy it))

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