Crypto Absolutely CRATERS – Altcoin Capitulation

Crypto Absolutely CRATERS – Altcoin Capitulation

The crypto markets are falling off a cliff, with the entire market down 10% led by altcoins. What the heck is happening? Let’s talk about it today.

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  1. Crypto Conversations


  2. Why short a coin that's worth 0.02 cents

  3. Hi I'm going to university and I was wondering if it was worth making a mining rig for my room as I won't have to pay any extra electricity, is it still worth doing it at this time ??

  4. Telling people to short or "hedge" now is I'll advised. Shorting at the bottom is a bad idea.

  5. The bottom is officially over the turn around begins today. If you haven’t bought by now your gonna be upset.

  6. Only dumb nerds invest in shitcoin now

  7. is it? looks good from my view 🙂

  8. Blockchain Revolution

    Bobby your 2 steps behind. Now is the time to build positions. ICX ADA ONT WAN ZEN BTC ETH

  9. Blockchain Revolution

    Haha. Stop looking at the fiat value of your bags and focus on accumulating quality projects. Think long term into a future where we can easily spend crypto. As you said were just getting started.

  10. My only regret is not saving enough money to buy more at these amazing discounts! Anyone selling at this time is either manipulating the market or too stupid to be investing in anything!

  11. It's hilarious (and also kinda sad) that you are still singling out tron as one of the more speculative coins in the market.

  12. No one is buying crypto. If no one wants to buy the value becomes zero.

  13. review ORCA, they raised 1.5M in 50 hours when market seemed dead

  14. This crypto market is not for new investors. Old investors are taking profit every fcking time without letting crypto run

  15. at current market valuation where we saw -90% YTD, still shorting here is insane?

  16. Crypto Bobby, I have a question. How do you think an '08 like stock market crash would impact the cryptocurrency market?

  17. Shorting tron after its dropped 94% from its ATH sitting at 1.9 cents? Hmm

  18. Can Airswap get more raped please…

  19. Crypto is dead! Not much there anymore, all must exit now.

  20. Dude, you need to learn how to do technical analysis cuz all you say is the obvious. It takes only a week to learn some of the basic and easiest indicators to determine price trends.

  21. Nope

  22. The problem I have with ppl ruling out alts is the market is still based off of speculation. These tokens/Coins have to be actually used everyday by everyday ppl before we can just say these “Are the ones”. Until then, in my opinion, a token Ranked @ 900 can easily be ranked @ 500 weeks or months down the road. And whoever is invested in that project will make crazy amount of gains!!

  23. Crypto is alive and well… This is how this thing works jumping ship will gain you nothing… Long term hold!!

  24. The MOST shady thing is, when the market was ATH (nearly a trillion), the founder of Litecoin sold his entire LTC holdings….the whole thing

    Literally a few days later, the market crashes BAD! He obviously knew it was going to happen

    I cant believe no one talks about this, Crytpo might just be the modern day ponzi scheme with no repercussions

  25. Hey what’s up- good video. You said you are going short. What exchange are you using for this? Bitmex told me not available to US customers, polo only has a few BTC pairs. Trying to find USD leverage trading.

  26. Altcoin bubble popped. Cause most of em sick ass

  27. I remember when I bought ether at 700 thinking it was a gd deal! 🙄🤦

  28. The cartels are directing the market. You have been hit by a smooth criminal.

  29. Ahhh…Bobby, the eternal optimist.

  30. Decentralized Insanity


  31. It's only been a few months, Since I was introduced to this way of making wealth by a friend, I bought *3BTC in Jan and put all of it into trading so I can make more profits, I traded on many platform and lost all of them foolishly cause I was not experienced in trading, So I made research on how to be an expert trader and came across a group on WhatsApp someone added me to talking about insight on trading bitcoin, I shared my problem and I was referred to Mr Charles Garry a pro trader who can help me out, We traded for just 2weeks and he has made me *7BTC with just *1.5btc, Amazing you will say, If you want to increase your portfolio like me or having been loosing your trade, Reach him for help on *Email/Hangout : *(charlesgarry95@gmail. Com)/telegram : +1(631)620-6929


  33. Broadhurst Gardens

    This sorts out the men from the boys

  34. My wife left me

  35. this is great for people like me who are just getting into the crypto space, but think I will only buy the top 10. Is that a good idea???

  36. The crypto market is dominated by speculators, that bitchslap cryptos anywhere they want…. meanwhile investors on average lost 90% or more… so what you are witnessing is the death of the crypto investors for the benefit of speculators… who is their right mind will be investing on these assets now especially knowing what happened? The market is selling at any rally, is the poor investors exiting the table… and it is a vicious circle now… congratulations to the speculators for their contribution, the cryptomarket now it is all yours, well done guys!

  37. Down 57%, i think that's pretty decent all things considered. I never put in more than i can afford to lose so i sleep quiet well at night and Im still actively buying small amounts here and there. Ive only been in the game for a year now, we'll see how things look 10-20 years from now. Long game

  38. Thanks. Still here 🙂

  39. I don't buy alts. And I only buy BTC at 6K. Thats my strategy.

  40. Hey Bobby….are you finally going to buy a big bag of LTC….finally you are seeing the Lite🤔

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