Coinbase Breaks A Record, New Bitcoin Price Prediction And Bitcoin Futures In Argentina – 127

Coinbase Breaks A Record, New Bitcoin Price Prediction And Bitcoin Futures In Argentina – 127

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  1. SunTrib Fashion

    Bullshit BTC crap. They keep increasing the distance between buy and sell and people will only loose their money no matter what they show in the graph that the BTC price is raising. Right now the buy is $7,344 and sell $7,148. And I have lost about $27 for my $1000 just to convert from BTC to local currency. i had lost $ 50 just in few hours of droping of BTC price. Get out of it as early as possible.

    And remember I had already spent to cashin and I will have to spent for cashout again. We all are fukin digital stupids runing behind lazy hope.

    Anyway, I am glad that I have pulled out my money out of fukin bitcoin wallets. All the government should ban it

  2. btc continuously going down as of this moment

  3. Modern Investor, could you please research what masternodes are and tell us what you think and what your findings are. Here's one of them –

  4. Anybody invested in Verge/XVG?

  5. Technium Unlimited

    Hi friend good to see you are making videos still

  6. I'm sorry because I love the idea of cyrptocurrencies and investing in it but I don't see how anyone could USE a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin if it so volatile. Let's say I put my money into Bitcoin and I wanna buy something a little while later. Even within the last three months we've seen a 25% decrease in price. This means I have to pay 33% more. Sorry but that just doesn't work. I get that Bitcoin is a good financial asset to invest in and I also know how much it has risen since that drop. However, it seems like other services that simply focus on transactions, like ripple or omise go, will be better options for now.

  7. great video man…just a quick question…about 4-5 months in one of your video you told about a website which gives free crypto everyday(very small amounts like a faucet). Actually after watching that video I signed up on that website but now can't remember the sites name…can you please tell me which site was it…It will be like finding some cash in an old denim pocket.
    thnx in advance

  8. My we live in Interesting times.
    Hi, how are you. I literally opened my coinbase account yesterday. I tried usung my cap. one cc to buy bitcoin but the transaction was cancelled. How do I purchase bitcoin through coinbase?
    Thank you.

  9. What do you think of BTCZ?  I see a lot of upside to this coin and once it gets into the bigger exchanges I believe it will take off.

  10. Rafael Ferreira

    Man! Thans for the video!!! Can I ask you something? You seems brazillian too… Are you brazillian?

  11. If you're tryna get in the bitcoin market you should try CoinBase guys. Its the most popular one. AND if you use my link and deposit your first 100$ we each get $10 worth of BTC free. Free your money from the banks and join crypto!

  12. Still having to wait a week or more for non-credit card purchases on coinbase. -_-

  13. Bitcoin was about $700 one year ago and has gone up x10. I think John McAfee is right. If Bitcoin is going to do the same each year as more people and large corporations get involved i can see where he gets his valuation of $500,000 in three years. If it happens it would be a wonderful thing to happen for small investors like myself.

  14. More ripple news bro I cant get enough of it.

  15. Mr. Frankenstino

    The politicians, making everything more expensive is the only thing they agree with

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    Their ICO will have 5 Waves and the price will be increased with every wave. Make sure you sign up early, and place your order early! Be an early adopter!

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  17. Thank you for the update! Excellent as always!

  18. You speak Spanish?! Lol that was right on with the pronunciations.

  19. Will ethereum blow the stocks brooooss?

  20. My belief is bitcoin will move up in price exceptionally fast and in a shorter time than most expect. Bitcoin is the accepted leader of crypto currencies .The higher its price rises the faster it will rise as more and more converts jump in for the ride. It will be more of a value store than anything else. When it comes to making money, we ultimately dont care if we cant use it to buy milk at the local shop. As long as its an amazing investment with amazing returns. Bad news and rumors only tend to dip the price for a short period and then the coin rises higher in value again. In the past Gold used to be an up and down commodity till we grew faith in it and then it settled down and became less volatile. Bitcoin will do the same thing, so one can say it becomes more resistant to failure with every adversity it faces. And similarly and probably more importantly, our trust in bitcoin gets stronger as we see the coin bounce back from dips and scares. Unless governments do a major ban or we have a depression, or restrictive legal controls on the coin, or it incurs major technical issues, block chain theft and hacking issues, then bitcoin will rise like nothing we have ever seen before. I am quite skeptical of To The Moon claims etc but bitcoin really does have a proven record of rising. And as it is so far ahead of the gang, we can therefore safely presume in this instance that first in the market gets the highest market share, and the higher the market share the more desire there is for the product driving the price up. Cant wait to see it happen.Of course I might be wrong, but man……… I hope I'm right.

  21. Joseph Ducreaux

    Bitcoin won't go up forever. Incredible that people will never understand it. It will soon correct itself back down to around 3500, and then the alts will pump like crazy, and then people will be like "Naah, they're not gonna fall this time"… The next crypto winter will be long. Prepare yourselves.

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  23. ForceOfWizardry

    A rude awakening for all those new coinbase users! Your locked to only $250 a week! lol

  24. Love this, I callled for $10,000 by December

  25. Isn't Bitcoin fucking useless with the high transaction fees and complicated wallet process

  26. Dude your videos are super! Thank you for the work!!!

  27. Please donate Bitcoin to me. I need a way to pay for my college, but my family is very poor and scholarships will not cover all of the funds necessary. Donate to this wallet address:
    Thank you so much.

  28. Greed is the game. The elites are coming. 20,000, by the first of the year.

  29. "We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run" -Roy Amara
    "We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten" – Bill Gates

  30. Shaun's Collectibles

    I’m amazed how fast cryptocurrencies are taking off! I just wish I could get my friends to start buying.

  31. sjaak liebregts

    The given predictions seem a bit conservative to me. I think we will reach 50.000 before september/october 2018 and in five years we will be over 250.000 per bitcoin. In 2018 and maybe lasting into 2019 the biggest move upward ever will take place when the big "money" is coming in . After that things will slow down and perhaps even the price might pull back for a while. But… maybe nothing of this will happen or even this is too conservative a prediction , we'll just have to wait to see. Maybe bitcoin will develop as a reverse Weimar hyperdeflation.

  32. What is bitcoin futures in layman's terms?

  33. Coins On The Moon

    Do you have soundcloud?

  34. WorldPeaceMaker2000

    If Coinbase offers Ripple it will eclipse Bitcoin!!!

  35. arnis zargarian

    Im going through a lawsuit with Coinbase. Worst wallet providers on earth, mars, and mercury.

  36. Just came across this ICO newsletter. Hopefully, they can cut down on all the time I spend on token research

  37. The Lumens Know

    do you like POWER LEDGER or SAFEX?

  38. What about ripple baby??? Bitcoin this bitcoin that do volitale…

  39. that woke me up fast from a slow 'rise & shine' Saturday morning…

    and it's a perfect example for my mixed feelings about the mainstream naysayer financial power brokers getting involved:

    on one hand, that so many of them try to destroy the reputation of cryptocurrencies..and work at disparaging satoshi's very sane vision..and then they hop on board when they see it's actually's frustrating and kind of infuriating that the dark side of the fiat currency world wants to suddenly bring their influence into the fray.

    but then, it's that very influence, their near-sudden willing participation that will help to insure the longevity of Bitcoin, etc.,..and which will also insure that it remains legal (or, at least, not *illegal*).

    my main concern, though, does remain: i don't want any of those financial-powers-that-be to be able to influence potential future laws around Bitcoin that could adversely affect the everyday householder investor/ way do i want the same restrictions, rules, minimums, special 'club membership' requirements, etc., to ever be a barrier… esp., for us in America, with the SEC trying to flex it's muscles about Bitcoin lately…i don't want any of it to be an issue for the rest of us at all.

    not that the blockchain tech or that the system at large could ever be wrestled away from us..i just don't want any crazy laws put into place that could restrict our individual rights to participate within the space.

  40. I wonder if Coinbase is really going to have Bitcoin ready to give people if they choose to cash out of their exchange.  Just the same that USD is no longer backed by gold and the banks cannot afford to give everyone cash if they cashed out…I doubt Coinbase has the funds.

  41. Happy to have invested this summer. The ROI has been great. Still waiting for Ethereum Litecoin and Ripple to blow up to the Mooooon.

  42. Frederick Dorsey

    Tim Draper in 2013 said bitcoin would hit 10000 this year

  43. I’m hoping with everyone signing up for Coinbase would also mean a rise for ETH and LTC

  44. Did you see Ethereum released details for POS? You need 1000 Eth. POS = Proof of StinkingRich

  45. You never have ? votes! Even though I agree and your awesome, how in the world do u avoid ? so well? Everyone has haters!?

  46. Great news thanks for info!!!!!

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