China’s End Game? – Crypto Trading Banned [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

China’s End Game? – Crypto Trading Banned [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

China’s End Game? – Crypto Trading Banned [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News] – 2/5/2018 –

A look at what’s happening with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies today. Market heads lower once more. China tries to ban external crypto trading exchanges. But what is China’s end game and what about Chinese based Blockchain companies?

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  1. Colin Stienke

    that mean china doesnt bitcoin mine thats an good thing

  2. Colin Stienke

    well thats an good thing for us

  3. I don't think that nowadays Chinese Government's ban could be a problem for Chinese people. We are at the XXI century and we have a lot of tools to pass through the ban. For example, the simplest way is to have a VPN, are cheap and your internet history will remain hidden. On the other hand, there some privacy coins that thanks to the latest technology can pass through the ban. For example, DeepOnion runs under TOR network with high obfuscation protocols OBFS4 and MEEK. I have seen DeepOnion's wallet synchronizing in China without any issues. I think that Raiblocks, Verge and Pivx are good cryptocurrencies for been used in Chinese Market.

  4. stop worrying. the proof is in the pudin

  5. Miyela Salomé Labrador Moreno

    I think that the most sure cryptocurrency now is Zoin… you should visit the official page @zoinofficial

  6. Crypto Conversations


  7. Governments can't ban cryptocurrencies because you can't ban technology. Technology will simply find a way. In order to ban crypto they need to have information about transactions etc. DeepOnion already integrated TOR, MEEK and OBFS4 to make transactions completely anonymous. Even the great firewall of China can't block this.

  8. Mattias Jaya d'Ambrosio

    Well two weeks have been passed and China news sounds like just FUD to me, BTC price is back to 10k $, and all altcoins are fine. The truth is these are just fake news periodically sent to the network to scare the people, cryptocurrencies in the long period cannot be stopped, once they will ban something to slow the process it will be found something to avoid the ban, just like TorNetwork added OBFS4 and MEEK to avoid china's regulation, and there are already privacy coins such as DeepOnion which have added it to their features. I personally think if someone is scared by a 60% price's drop he does not deserve 10x or 100x capital gain. It was just a marvellous buy opportunity, and I bought 🙂

  9. AltCoin Investor69

    Just hodl, blockchain technologies are like Social Network in 2006-2007: all Cryptos will explode in 2 or 3 years, but only if there are valid projects behind.
    Moreover, for China ban there is a great valid solution called DeepOnion.
    It is an anonymous Crypto using the Tor network, the OBFS4 Procol and Meek.
    The wallet is working also in China where some VPNs are stuck now.
    Moreover it is still at an affordable price, with only 25.000.000 maximum coins after the free airdrops.
    I think it is one of the 10 long term Crypto everyone must hodl in his Long Term portfolio.
    What do you think +CrytpoRUs?

  10. As we all known , China has banned Crypto and maybe ban the connect of syncing is the next plan . But there is a crypto coin is not under the control , it is the deepOnion . DeepOnion is based on the tor and the government can not control it .

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  12. Cryptocurrency can suck my fat fucking cock

  13. happenedtomorrow

    That is my guess too. And we should also consider that China's monetary authority can tell local governments to regulate the power usage of bitcoin miners to gradually reduce the scale of their production. To many, this was an implicit warning that China is preparing to clamp down on, and regulate, bitcoin mining in China. Anyway TODAY also Net Neutrality is gone and the Bitcoin peer-to-peer network is not completely secure… . But we have privacy coins and we should protect our online identity at all cost and that's whay I'm also very interested in anonymous cryptocurrency lately. It is impossible to kill an anonymous cryptocurrency by government, especially a full privacy one like DeepOnion or Spectre. Both are TOR based with obfuscation protocol (OBFS4) and DeepOnion comes with MEEK and cand be used in market like China or Iran. If any government declares to kill a privacy coin , it will only increase its price. And there will always be a way to trade them.

  14. Crypto Kiddie

    I think we are at the point where the big losses are over, time to think more long term. I am getting back into OMG and NEO. NEO has such a great future in China 100%. The explosion is coming. Also I been accumulating DeepOnion because of its use of TOR, Meek and OBFS4. Lets think long term guys, FOMO will be back in a month or so.

  15. Dr Bob Gregson

    Simple steps to do bitcoins transaction (buy or sell) at, I love these guys!

  16. M Freelancer76

    Since China is going strong against crypto lately, blocking TOR protocol as well, there is great solution for all China investors – Deep Onion privacy coin!
    It has MEEK and OBFS4 obfuscation protocols in place, making Deep Onion totally untraceable and safe to use in all countries trying to block crypto and TOR protocol (Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, possibly Russia and France).

  17. China 🇨🇳 can regulate and FUD all they want, but in the end, technology will win.
    Different projects like DeepOnion and ClockCoin are integrating protocols such as TOR, OBFS4 and MEEK. New test shows successful and I'm convinced that the Chinese laws and regulations won't hinder the growth of the Cryptomarket, as soon as people find out about these new possibilities.

  18. Haha noooope! Not even near to the end. 🙂 This does not affect cryptocurrency market almost at all. Yes, it does actually slow it down a bit, but certainly does not stop it. So, ban happens, and what everything goes down? Yeah temporary for more investors for jump on board. See project like DeepOnion for example, they have already implemented TOR & OBFS4 & MEEK. Lot of people and investors have successfully confirmed that it is working perfectly fine for them. What does it tell you? Pick a right project when doing your own research and don't worry. Let the developers do their magic. There is a way. 🙂

  19. Good Video!!! By the way, They know Blockarray (ARY) ?, the wabi of the logistics, the truckers will use it to track their products, to ensure valuable merchandise and more things !!! Investigate it! very good opportunity

  20. First i'm istvan, I had like to say that anyone can have these kind of gains in Crypto Market. And no, i didn't mind any coins, i was an early adapter of bitcoin, buying up coins when the price was under a dollar. I'm just a trader, who fairly opened up a few accounts and transferred $2000 into bitcoin then traded it up to over $50,000 a year back and i'm earning more profit compare to my past trade. There are so many great opportunities for anyone willing to pay attention to coin strategies, new coins, charts, and price action. You can find out what's the hottest new Coin and jump in early. Have you ever heard anyone say that trading is risky but profitable or might be dangerous, But I have been trading cryptos stocks successfully for over five years, and I actually love trading them. I look forward to hitting the markets every day. its really not that difficult, You have to learn to read charts the way I do… I have taught quite a few friends to trade over the years. They often will sit in my office with me during the day and watch me trade, asking questions and learning from real live minute to minute executions. However, i feel good helping people to trade and manage their account because i think by doing this I'm gaining and impacting knowledge and maybe i will be entitle with a token percent for appreciation. I am a real full time trader because I love making my money from the markets, Lol. Feel free to reach me on for trade and guidelines. Good Luck

  21. After china baned crypto trading, there are still millions of chinese keep hold and invest on cryptocurrencies. And few good privacy coins has also upgraded their wallet to help chinese user. For example, the Deeponion has released new wallet which integrated with TOR EDGE 3.3.0 + OBFS4 + MEEK(only for China and no need of VPN) .

  22. Tuck Buckford

    Ripple will be legal in China because LianLian, one of China's largest-payment networks has joined Ripple…

  23. I can understand FUD and how it drives prices. However I am confident that not even China could stop cryptocurrencies: completely anonymous coins already exist, like Monero or DeepOnion that run on TOR, and recently adopted OBFS4 and meek. So maybe the price can crash but as long as a lot of people hold their coins I'm not in panic!

  24. Physical Continuity Of the universe

    George I would love to see some live trading..Your'e doing a great job!!!

  25. Great advise to just step away, seeing red, red and more red every day is just depressing. Fortunately today we are up across the board, green is such a nicer colour lol. It is ridiculous how much FUD is being spread, like you say China isn't banning crypto outright, just adding some restrictions. Even if they did it outright ban it there would still be ways around it. Take DeepOnion for example, it uses Tor by default but China blocks that preventing the wallet from syncing so they have implemented MEEK allowing the wallet to sync, which I thought was pretty cool

  26. Derek Jameson

    Man this was crazy.. I feel I have stress even now after it went up again. But I am proud of myself cause i didnt panic sell anything. I am mostly in altcoins and I know the risk. But I cannot explain how much I belive in crypto, it is out of reasoning at moments but I really do. I even bought some at the crash, Request Network, ICON and Deeponion are my top 3 assests for 2018. All now 50-60% in gain.  After new China ban on crypto Chineese cannot even open crypto website. Deeponion released new wallet super annonymous with TOR + Obfs4 and MEEK which allows them to enjoy freedom after the ban…You could make video about which cryptos are safe using in China now cause…this is all history in the making, we are the first line in the battle

  27. Even if China bans cryptocurrencies completely there will always be a way for people from China to use cryptocurrencies. They will just need to switch to a crypto that enables them to use it regardless of ban. There will be a demand for anonymous cryptos that can go around restrictions. I know that DeepOnion has implemented latest TOR protocol with OBFS4 and Meek protocols that enables people in China to use it. It is just a question if developers of the coin have will and knowledge to address this issue.

  28. Huu Toan Nguyen

    I believe you, George, Bitcoin will not go down lower than 5000. If that even true, I still fervently believe the crypto market will recover. What went down, may go up. It is how life works. I just wanna share my strategy at the present. You see, a lot of altcoins follow bitcoin going down. For me, it is a nice time to buy them if you are on a low budget. I am holding my bitcoin and researching and buying new altcoins which have great potential. They are DeepOnion, Zcash, Monero. Do not judge me plz, I am a fan of privacy coin. I did ask about DeepOnion before in the Jan 14 video but I see no response. So I made my own decision. Among them, DeepOnion is my favorite. No ICO, free airdrop, low supply.

  29. I'm really not big fan of Tether… what do you think will replace it?…With regards China…they can ban foreign exchanges they can do whatever they want but they cant ban crypto 🙂 I mean all you need is a good privacy coin like DeepOnion, they have just introduced OBSF4 with Meek on their QT wallet that already runs on TOR… this combo is unstoppable! Big things are coming for privacy coins and specially for leaders of this field like DeepOnion

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  31. try it out i allredi making btc ! 🙂 its reali fun how fast does it goes ! :)))

  32. OUP Clothing, Vintage & Retro!

    "I'm thinking it's going to clear soon and it's not based on anything" hahahaha you're the man, George.

  33. BTW, how do you guys think of PAC coin.

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