Can Bitcoin Push Through $12k? – Nano and DGD Crushing Bitcoin – Cryptocurrency Market News

Can Bitcoin Push Through $12k? – Nano and DGD Crushing Bitcoin – Cryptocurrency Market News

The price of Bitcoin is starting to recover as the Cryptocurrency market fluctuates. Can it push through $12k? Nano and DGD, however, are absolutely killing it lately. From altcoin to altcoin, different Crypto are succeeding trading against Bitcoin, while most are failing. In this video we talk about all of this, plus round up the latest news surrounding the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency market space.


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  1. Thomas Bowman

    I'm so sick of these random people looking at these charts talking about these all coins the suck dick etherium f**** sucks f**** Bitcoin hasn't gone past anything lately it's just been teetering in the balance everyone's pointing at charts making random opinions turning it into fake expert opinions no one knows what's going to happen if a country comes out tomorrow and said something about Bitcoin it will plan it back to the ground again it might go back up who knows

  2. cool man….nice video and clearly presented…..finally i (sort of) understand what the retracement levels are and how those percentages work…

  3. Buying NANO now would be a mistake, buying in highs is dumb money.

  4. You want growth buy NEO and Ether and LTC….. BTC will lose market share

  5. gerard doorty

    You can do the math without a Fib tool. =]

  6. BTC will move between 10,500 and 11,000 for next two months get ready for blahhhhhh

  7. I'm starting to just hope I can sell my positions at break even…

  8. You don't need to chart it to find the retracement percent. Just divide the low by the high. IE: 250K/500K = 50% etc…

  9. LAZER Juggler

    to understand the pattern on DGD you have to look it in dollar ! ..and the chart is incredible …steady linear grow from december to now..very unusual

  10. Fadi Suleiman

    Great video once again!!

  11. Emanuel Collado

    Good stuff keep it coming

  12. Good stuff !, love the info in these videos, thanks!

  13. Sold my DGD a couple days ago at a small peak and missed out big time

  14. Let’s get through 11,000 then 11500 before mentioning 12k.

  15. Thanks for the info B

  16. PoppONaya Shelly

    I don't think BTC has the heft it use to….NEO on the other hand..hmm

  17. I hope it keeps going up. I was a little stressed yesterday until we discussed a cool project. I invested and I know you did. Lol
    Thanks foe the good show.

  18. Govind Manjunath


  19. My Favorite Channel!!

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