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  1. Bitconnect got all the proof that it was made by satoshi

  2. Brother you are so rich, and becoming richer.

  3. You need to animate that white light from the eyes. The universe is speaking through you though.

  4. Craig did a great staking video on BCC

  5. Swimming naked facedown ass up

  6. community is a legacy play, some people don't understand lol

  7. Hey Tre are you still using a trading bot?

  8. Still pushing bitconnect wtf

  9. Just had to dump a dead body from his boot.

  10. For awhile you had a link for mining from your browser you said fun things for crypto. I dont see it anymore but if you interested I found Honeyminer I've made about 0.00007 a day almost enough to by one BCC a day. It has a referral program if you interested?

  11. You go right ahead and “buy em all up!” It is all about the money. Anyone in crypto, is in it for the money. Nice try though. Having a ton of worthless coins means absolutely nothing! I feel bad for all the people that jumped in and blew their savings on something they didn’t even understand fully!

  12. Tre, your so right about keeping the BCC token alive and talked about…Please Keep it up your one of the few that are actually trying to make something positive from the ashes of Bitconnect

  13. Christopher Campagnano

    Hi tre! One of your earliest subscribers here since the genesis mining days. Glad to see you doing videos again.

  14. traders didn't create the base of bitcoin

  15. i agree with that …u tubers talk a lot of sh!t

  16. Your buying bitconnect coins? Wow

  17. Shaddow TheMusicArtist

    SUP TRE!!!

  18. The price is so low because you can’t buy anything with BCC ( and the only way get value out of it is to sell to new buyers.

    This isn’t Bitcoin, which has retail value. There’s incredible inventory and sales pressure vs buyer interest here. At every conceivable level, BCC will be fighting a mob trying to get their money out.

  19. I like your car with the wheel on the right… One might assume you left US, lol

  20. There is so much BCC in those wallets because that’s not what they wanted. They traded BCC, a new and unstable bit-currency, for Bitcoin, and have already taken their profits. They don’t care about the BCC, and even touching it could give the FBI and Interpol a clue as to where to find them.

    They traded sand for gold, and left the sand. They aren’t coming back for the sand.

  21. YouTube controls crypto?

    That’s actually laughable. It shows a complete lack of understanding of the market.

  22. For all the haters he still has his BMW and a new Home… “What can CRYTPO do for you”

  23. How many people lost their life savings to your advice?

    Advice that you later said they shouldn’t have taken seriously.

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