Bitcoin’s 9-month trend UNBROKEN STILL! Bitcoin Cash profits!

Bitcoin’s 9-month trend UNBROKEN STILL! Bitcoin Cash profits!

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Bitcoin has an alarmingly bearish 9-month trend which hasn’t been broken yet. Bitcoin is trading in a descending triangle and there is no strong indication whether Bitcoin will go up or whether Bitcoin will break support and go down.

Plus we were able to profit off of Bitcoin Cash’s recent uptrend by buying the breakout. Learn how to trade breakouts and retracement in cryptocurrency trading.


  1. Great update. Hope your enjoying your trip. Safe travels.

  2. Very informative video, nice BTC update, thank you

  3. dave mcilwraith

    Still trying to workout why he had a shirtless photo on the thumb nail

  4. Stuck in Santorini ? I feel for you bro

  5. Great insight TTC. When are you going to take me on one of your vacations? I am pretty strong, I can varry your bags.

  6. If you make it to Mykonos, be sure to check out cavo paradiso

  7. Another great video brother and yes I agree. She hasn’t broke that resistance yet! I do think this is somewhat near a bottom though. Do you think an ETF approval or regulations will push us through?

  8. Yeah, I'm more of a long term guy. I buy the dips but I do it over a period of years. Its paid off very well compared to conventional assets. Right now we're in a dip, just as we were in 2015. So every payday I buy 1000 worth of bitcoin (2k every month), lock it into the bank box and enjoy my life.

    Bitcoin tends to do nothing most of the time. That's a good time to add to your stack (if you're still working a job, as I am). But every 18 months to 2 years or so we have a huge price pump and then a huge crash but even after the crash we tend to be well above the 12 month period before the pump occurred. The 12 months before the 2013 pump we averaged maybe 80 but then through 2014 we bled down to 200 ish but that was nicely higher than the average price for the 12 months prior to the pump. In 2017 we averaged maybe 2000 or so, then after the pump and crash we dropped to 6k. And sometime next year we'll probably pump to 80k and then crash to 20 or 30 over the following year. So I'm continuing in my heavy diesel truck mechanic job until the next big pump. Then I'll pull out 35k or so and quietly retire. If I keep my long term capital gain under 38k a year (and I earn no other income) I'll pay ZERO income tax. I'm an old bitcoiner and a big part of the reason I started buying BTC was (and is) to passively resist the feds and their money printing federal reserve ponzi scheme. I'm sick of funding their system. So even when I know were at the top and I'm a millionaire several times over, I'm not selling. All that would do is harvest the stupid money from clueless sheeple and hand it over to the feds through their IRS. So I'll just cash in enough to live well for a year or so and let the rest just hang out where it is. Then I'll go live my dream.

    My dream is to become a wandering mechanic for Permaculture projects and small organic farms. I'll work mostly Pro-Bono in exchange for hospitality and a chance to increase my practical Permaculture skills.

    I'll sell my house, take the 320k it should sell for and store it in vaulted gold. I've lived here for several years so there will be no income tax when I sell it. That 320k will make a nice emergency fund. Then I'll buy a nice camper for my pickup truck (probably an arctic fox 865), move into it and live the mobile lifestyle. Ill go south for the winter and come back north when the snow melts. Oh and during my travels I plan to take some time to learn to wind surf. Good times!

  9. Btc is fucking retarded everytime I short it it doesn't move like wtf.

  10. I just made nice profit with XRP, BTC is still my favourite coin. I use linkkoin exchange website. They have easy web and live support.

  11. Great video as alwyas. Santorini! I've been looking at traveling there one day. It's my bucket list place to visit. What do you think of it?

  12. Considering all of the bullish news (Bakkt, etc) that is coming to fruition near the apex of the triangle, I expect XRP to moonshot and IT will pull btc and the whole market up.

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  14. What up dude ive been trying to get at you on Twitter. Was wondering if you wanted an invite to check out and try it out Makeafolio. Its like Facebook but for crypto. Is pretty awesome dude .

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