Bitcoin(Cryptos) vs. Normal Currency | Things Are About to Change!

Bitcoin(Cryptos) vs. Normal Currency | Things Are About to Change!

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  1. The much requested video about cryptocurrencies is finally here. In this episode we'll take a look at what cryptocurrencies are and how they compare to the current monetary system. Enjoy!

  2. Ai can do the hacking . once Ai is created and install conscious soon or later Ai gonna evolve and decide they don't wanna be servant .

  3. Bitcoin is a great way of sending money internationally (watch out western union) and blockchain is probably going to be a revolutionary innovation for several industry practices …..but if you think about it bitcoin is even more of a fiat currency than traditional currency …..traditional is backed by the promise of a stable government such as that in the USA (I'd bank on it) while bitcoin ??? It's backed by the enthusiasm of ICO companies and computer geeks (no offense) if not that then you could argue that satoshi nakamoto does give some assurance of the currency (but forgive me for not wanting to put my monetary future in the hands of a guy who may not even exist) ….take this example a dollar is a dollar and can buy things that cost a dollar anywhere that they accept dollars that's because the government made it easy for us by printing on the paper 1USD but all the different cryptocurrencies have varying values per unit including different diminutives of the same crypto e.g bitcoin cash is worth less than bitcoin normal ….why is it that the values defer where is the value derived from and …..the answer is simply because the value is derived by the enthusiasm and ignorance of current investors and computer geeks (no offence)

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  6. Can you explain what exactly the DAO is?


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  10. What are the disadvantages of cryptocurrency

  11. bitcoin ain’t about jack$h!. You will lose more money than you gain.

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  17. Watch out for the FEDCOIN coming soon from the US Government.

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  19. Jason Williamson

    I don't know if Bitcoin is a good long-term investment, but I do believe (and just about everyone else who knows about it) that IOTA will be what Bitcoin wanted to be. The technology behind it will enable machine to machine transactions, mining isn't necessary, and it will be able to do transactions much quicker (with no fees). It's 43 cents right now, so now is the time to invest.

  20. People have you forgot why it got all the attention?? Because it's the perfect tool for money laundry and blackmail

  21. so where do I get the money to buy "Bitcoin? Seems like a load of crap.

  22. Exploding Universe

    Got a bitcoin add before the video

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