BITCOIN WILL HIT $5 MILLION – Rick Falkvinge | London Real

BITCOIN WILL HIT $5 MILLION – Rick Falkvinge | London Real

Bitcoin will hit $5 million.
Rick Falkvinge is the Founder of the Pirate Party

Rick Falkvinge Talks about Bitcoin as the future.


“Cut & Run” & “The Complex” by Kevin MacLeod ( –

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  1. How high will Bitcoin reach in 2018?

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  4. This is very old news, how about doing something more current?

  5. The only thing i have to say is

    FOR ALL OF YOU WHO WISHED THAT YOU HOPPED ON THE BITCOIN TRAIN EARLIER: Its not too late, invest in ripple now before it shoots up to 10 dollars. Its 80 cents now. HURRY BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. Copy and paste this

  6. i bet btc = 10millions per coin in 2025

  7. Only possible if bitcoin replaces $90 Trillion dollar global supply. $90 T market cap? We’ll see

  8. CryptoLearnAU

    Today, we could be sitting on the biggest generational wealth building opportunity we have ever seen in history. Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is set to disrupt the existing financial system and the way we think about money…Bitcoin should never be sold back to fiat currency.

  9. Still waiting donkey!!

  10. 4 Minute Crypto Show


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  12. Arathorn Dezeus

    Everybody is talking about how high can it go what you really need to ask is how low could it go?

  13. Ralph Erizonie

    Here’s another one of life’s bullshitters

  14. who is this silly fat sod?

  15. Heinz Schumacher

    After that Interview he invested in BCH and sayed that this is the better one. But think! Actually we have Lightning that can process 1 Million Transactions per Second. When BCH do the same we need Blocksizes that increase your Imagination. 1 TB per Day on Data will be produced and stored in 100 thousands of full Nodes. This amount of data can only be handled on very big Datacenters like NSA. Do you really want that? THIS is the real Centralization.

  16. adorjan anderson

    Bitcoin is the future. if you have any arguments, doubts or need more information about Bitcoin you can contact me
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  17. 2022= 1 US Dollar= 1 Satoshi

  18. Jataks Makisto

    lets get to 100k then we can talk about bigger nos

  19. I missed this video by 4 years!!! Damn

  20. This guy bought Bitcoin below a thousand perhaps below 100… so basically he's filthy rich now

  21. Peter Meissnitzer

    I would encourage EVERYONE to buy at least 1 BITCOIN , this will slowly bankrupt the BIG BANKS and their INSATIABLE GREED …… it's time for a new financial system it's time for the MIGHTY BITCOIN ….

  22. Simon Matthews

    Bitcoin is the future & watch it grow in value! HODL for dear life!

  23. Peter Meissnitzer

    In the end the MARKET will decide how high the MIGHTY BITCOIN goes.

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