Bitcoin Whales Move Billions Out of Cryptocurrency In Big Splash

Bitcoin Whales Move Billions Out of Cryptocurrency In Big Splash

After Bitcoin Cash news dropped about Coinbase adding the new cryptocurrency, I watched 30 Billion dollars pull out of the market in a flip of a second. I don’t have data on who or why, but I did see it happen. Please share thoughts below. I am now watching more money pour back in through Bitcoin Cash.


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  2. James Thomson

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  3. Hold and let the whales pay twice to join in

  4. Meister der Erkenntnis

    Cool Video !!

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  6. Wall street taking profit? Try miners and big early investors who r running this scam

  7. There was no 30 bln sell. You must be really dumb to think that. And there no money coming in. The trade volume is almost non existent. I want to take the money off fools buying/trading. But lets keep it honest.

  8. Smaller whales 😂😂😂

  9. 😂 OMFG

  10. Thank you.for.teaching us. Keep up the good work!

  11. Definitely. Why wouldnt they? Bitcoin is wild west. Korean, russian governments were salivating at the possibility of making real money without any US intervention. This pump and dump is going to keep on continue until the next gen crypto put some protocol logic around buying and selling big.

  12. Mohd Sukor Mohd Razaly

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  13. Shanna McDonough


  14. Stay away from BTrash, stay strong and hold. Roger Ver the Crypto Douche is a fraud, his BTrash aka Fugazzi Crypto is one too.

  15. More for us

  16. Love your insight sir! I'm fairly new to crypto, but investing is investing.


  17. Michael Lawson

    What you just explained about pump and dump causing markets to drop subtantially and then buying back when its low is the same tactic used over and again by the Rothschilds (Redshields ) since the early 1800s. How can one arrest anyone for pump and dump when there is no body to police such illegal cases?

  18. market cap was at about 600billion couple hours ago…. now it is at 537.9 billion and bitcoin is at $14,140.20

  19. Your close on your assessment. Here is my opinion which purely an opinion. Essentialy CME made a really big bet to "tame bitcoin". When they announced the futures i knew they had to short it somehow but i couldn't figure out how until now. Coinbase adds BCH two days after futures launch. It creates panic , BTC drops and BCH pumps. Pay close attention when these contracts end because those BCH folks might suffer. So not only do all the wallstreet guys win the bet on the short of BTC, they park money in BCH to win there too. Watch when the contracts end. Your gonna see all the gains from BCH plus the betting futures winnings of btc be used to buy BTC at a discount and ride that wave to the top agian. This will wake the sleeping giant. Because when that happens, wall street will have had a taste.

  20. It's a whale party

  21. Futuro Monedas

    What do yo think about forks? I think that all fork coins should be eliminated… I have always thought that they are Bitcoins; and recently some miners are confirming that for example Bitcoin Cash are actually Bitcoins so basically they are braking the basic principle of Bitcoin that there only be 21 million Bitcoin so forks coins can dilute BTC value and also who knows if someone have found the way to sell Bitcoin Cash as Bitcoins.

  22. Futuro Monedas

    Great Advice!!! You really know how to work the market!!! Learned a lot with this video!!!

  23. this is such a poor misconception of what market cap is lol

  24. Jason Kellogg

    Thanks but you really didn’t say anything. Zero info was gained

  25. yohannes angosom

    there is people selling becouse chrismas is here and people need money. i think it is still gonna go more low. it's buying time 🙂

  26. i sill believebitcoin will explode next year

  27. Tuck Buckford

    Yes the smart money is moving out of Bitcoin and into Ripple

  28. Titanbrah Cunt

    We have to hold, sell bitcoin on the next high and then invest into ripple. Listen guys. Sell your fucking kidneys and cut off your dick and sell everything you have and invest into fucking Ripple man Im not fucking kiddinng I want to sell a kidney for it. I will be a billionaire lmfao Ripple will make us rich as fuck guys rich as fuckkk. RICH AS FUCKKK RICH AS FUCKK RIPPLE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.



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  30. @Altcoin Buzz:
    This is why i dont like bitcoin futures going on to these platforms. It just seems like Bitcoin will become like trading Currency Futures. I am not too knowledgeable on all of the information around how these things work but it seems sad. I do hope that this is still a special coin, of special value, because it is limited, and cant be over minted and printed like most of our countries do.
    Im still in on Bitcoin, i am am looking explore 1 or 2 more coins.
    Greetings from S.Africa.

  31. Who else saw BCH shoot up to $9K yesterday on the Coinbase phone app before it flatlined at around $3K?
    Wtf was that all about?

  32. But what is everyone gonna go back to? Bitcoin. So many people don’t even know the word crypto

  33. When you say 30 billion, 5 billion dollars move in and out of the market, those numbers are indicative of the value of all coin. But it does NOT mean the market added 30 billion of dollar investments, it means market cap. I am sure these are easy to confuse to newer traders..
    I do see your point though, 30 billion dollar change represents a move slightly more than 5%. I believe this rally will not have a major retracement this recession in price but we are without a doubt moving closer to one.

  34. Here's Drustan

    Whale Wars!!! ;D

  35. Please if your hand is not strong, don't buy Bitcoin.

  36. ECA/electra coin wil raise high i think. It will be added into a lot of exchanges and the volume looks great
    my BTC

  37. Helps to have info like Charlie Lee selling all his ltc, coinbase adding bch, insider info etc

  38. Nice videos & knowledge on how to trade crypto and etf's, speaking common sense. Please keep it up

  39. "You sell low and buy high"

  40. Been expecting something like this also, particularly with all the hype about BTC the past few weeks. What I dislike, even more, are pump and dumps, and the just outrageous BTC fees, which got really high this past week. Now we hear about insider trading.Yikes.

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