Bitcoin – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 86

Bitcoin – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 86

Bitcoin – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 86
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In this video, I tell you all about Bitcoin, how it works, and why it’s guaranteed to be the best investment of your life.


  1. The only thing that's funny is that this was posted at the peak of bitcoin price before it fell like 70%.

  2. demah Alhaj Turki

    listen to me guys, institutionals for sure are trading bitcoin privately. there is no difference between bitcoin and shares. wait, one: the volatility is higher. any trader telling you that they cant make a lot of money in bitcoin is either a bad trader or a liar or both. 😉

  3. Phil McCracken

    Many anal-ysts are recommending BUTT-Coin to diversify their ass-ets.

  4. Manu Raghavan


  5. Gaurenteed this guy actually owns Crypto!!! 😂😂😂

  6. Tiwaking Tiwaking


  7. Aphex Twin as a comedian.

  8. #somelivesdontmatter sldm

    Time to buy more bitcoin

  9. I would much rather invest in nothing, than invest in nothing at all. You jupe. I mean you jerl. Argh! My computer won't allow me to type the word: "jerb", no not "jerb", jerh.
    Argh! You are a fucking jerm if you think that. OK, my computer lets me cuss and swear but not type the word: "herk".
    Shit! That was close! You fucking kerk!
    Oh fuck it. That's close enough.

  10. "untainted with success with money" I about fell out of my chair laughing. You really did sound like one of them famed podcasters out there peddling bitcoin. I agree with the "millionaires and billionaires" to tread carefully. That's just me.

  11. the whole joke is so stupid… hehe 🙂 yet there are a few good points e.g. third party min1:15 … But… when the "third party" is a program /executable code my friend, that runs automatically, then its not an actual "third party". I mean, would u say than your mobile phone is a third party that supports your communication and interaction with the world? Anyway… the most bizarre thing is that you make fun of .."making money". wtf 🙂 Yes, my friend, people will benefit from Bitcoin and blockchain and Yes if they invest they will make money … bit-coin like bit-torrent will exist for ever, as long as we have the network running on Earth.. . Lets put it this way Bitcoin will last more than your channel on the internet.;)
    Back to point of making money from the new web3 technology … its like, you are making fun of someone investing in social media 5 years ago. Come on.. I mean, look at you now! from 10k views per video average 5 years ago to Millions.
    not to mention the 640K subs…!!!?
    keep up the good work

  12. Samantha Gidge Aerial Silks

    This really clarifies bitcoin for me and in such a humorous fashion thank you so much ! Haha!

  13. Apos Eastwood

    Everything sounds like being vegan if JP talks about it

  14. Bitcoin. The investment strategy dumb people use that makes them feel smarter about themselves for some reason.

  15. Donna M. O'Connor

    With these very volatile and unpredictable prices in bitcoins, only wise people trade (sell or buy) bitcoins at lesser rates. That is why I left other platform and choose furcoins. com Be wise too and save cost.

  16. "'cause I'm easily influenced by headlines." -JP Sears

  17. Today in headlines: "George Soros to start trading cryptocurrencies" (with photo of Soros looking like a drugged senile zombie) and "Big Institutional Investors are Entering Bitcoin" (by that we mean, Geroge Soros). Ahahaha are bitcoiners ever going to run out of hope and jokes? It must be getting increasingly harder to find new fools for the scam.

  18. 3Knis8b312ddUAJsg5Vdt45495bPue1DFR …well, just in case u do Bitcoin giveaways Lol, here's my address! I could use some help.

  19. whats a 'coin'

  20. #somelivesdontmatter sldm

    Great publicity way to go go cryptocurrency go go go

  21. Luca's Toys TV

    it's just too hilarious

  22. Wolfreign Valenford

    FUUUUUUUCC Your sarcasm IS GOLD LOL i always burst laughing at one point. love ya man.

  23. why is there a dirty bed and shitty flat "behind" you, if you are so successfull?

  24. Some day my bennie babies will be worth billions.

  25. David Christie

    The actual value in Crypto Currency is simply the cryptic nature of it. There's, clearly, a great demand for a private and anonymous form of exchange. As long as there's a credible means of conducting anonymous financial transactions, there will be a use for it. But it won't necessarily be something labeled Bitcoin. As soon as a digital currency comes along that is more efficient or a perceived improvement on the anonymous characteristics, Bitcoin will bomb.

  26. Andrew Martin

    I am sooo rich, I wipe my ass with bitcoin!

  27. Is dollar backed by gold? What do you smoke? What planet are you from? Fiat money is currency that a government has declared to be legal tender, but it is not backed by a physical commodity – that is the definition of dollar.

  28. I like how I got the Bunny Tokken commercial before this video, massive Meta.

  29. Laughs in profits

  30. YOU

  31. clueless, jew dick sucking, ginger subhuman garbage. hitler was right about forced eugenics.

  32. Gavriel Papas

    JP, you are killing me 🤣!

  33. hurr durr its so fashionable to make fun of buttcoins gaiz

  34. David Patterson

    Haha…seen one, seen em all.

  35. George Lionon

    If you would have bought bitcoin when this video was published, you would have halfed your money by now!

  36. I too, am untainted by success with money

  37. You sir, are the master of passive aggressive sarcastic roasting, and my new best friend in my head

  38. You're my role model JP!!!!😍😍😍😍😍

  39. antonburger01

    2:51 "I mean, how stupid are they?" Quite scary actually, almost like an unplanned break in character. Like a psychopathic trait very briefly piercing slightly through the veil of feigned politeness. This guy is a great actor. Or a psychopath. But I think actor…

    …or psychopath….

  40. Karel Doorman

    funny, now do a bit about the banksters..

  41. bitcoin is valuable because it is useful. Having a mass and taking up space would be DETRIMENTAL!


    please make your video subtitleable so community can help you subtitle them

  43. Damon Warlick

    This guy is hilarious and I love his vids, although I would disagree about a lot of things he has said in that any old heads in crypto always advise to invest a small amount of your net worth maybe 5 percent of less, the market has crashed several several times, and you should always do your own research and take no ones opinion on any investment advice as concrete. Still funny tho.

  44. Peter Napoli

    I’ve owned Bitcoin since 2012 and I found this hilarious; who says everyone in the community can’t take a joke? 😂

  45. Just so you know, dollar is not based on gold either. it's based on "nothing" just like bitcoin is. just replace the word "nothing" with "belief" and there you have the entire monetary system.

  46. Lucian MacAndrew

    HAHAHA, Fucking love you man. (You actually got me trough a breakup after a 13 year relationship. )

  47. More about what Bitcoin is in under 5 minutes than the news has told me in five years.

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