Bitcoin: The Return of Value to Source

Bitcoin: The Return of Value to Source

Adam continues a series of conceptual presentation about money, the facts and myths associated with *the idea*, as well as the psychological and social consequences of fixation and objectification.

As a concept, money, its meaning, and associated value has generally been unquestioned. Connecting our sense of self-worth and self-esteem to the supply of, or ease of access to money in our lives contributes to stratification within the culture, making some “privileged,” while others are under-privileged, or unprivileged.

Adam points out that, intentionally or unintentionally, we have tied our personal sense of value and worth to those false concepts. This includes the notion that gold or precious metal backing makes a paper money “valuable”.

The evidence is that people are the creators and bestowers of value, through the dynamics of trust, respect, and belief, which themselves are often the product of education and various forms of conditioning.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offer us all a genuine opportunity to re-examine as well as redefine our expectations of “money”, particularly with regard to the yet inalienable right (1) to set one’s own value, and (2) privacy.

The Wallet Pllus accrual platform is a means by which one can begin to participate in bitcoin’s emergence as a genuine world currency, that protects both the value that we place on ourselves, our talents and our work, while also protecting privacy.

In the highly regulated world of fiat-based finance, where a 2% APY is considered “high,” the fundamentally *different* and *unfettered* nature of bitcoin trading allows accrual rates of 3.3% *daily*, with plans beginning at .05 BTC, to a maximum of 4 BTC, doubling one’s deposit in 60 days or less.

A referral link is required to enroll in Wallet Pllus.

Bitcoin Accrual

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  1. This Bitcoin thing came, sort of, out of the blue?

  2. The Crypto Type

    I like your view point

  3. EvenStar LoveAnanda

    I am not against Money or owning my own value that I have created.
    I am against speculation and pyramid schemes.
    I have been in spirituality for 17 years, but I have never had the "Baba Syndrome" aiming to be poor.
    So I ask you again, where does the extra value of the BTC come from, beyond the devaluation of the Dollar?
    And the Hype that is surrounding the BTC now.
    It seams to me, everyone is still trying to get something for nothing or no work/creativity.
    Further more what is keeping the Corporations from buying up ALL the BTC with nearly unlimited funds and simply putting it out of circulation?
    Maybe there is something here I don;t understand.
    That is why I am asking these fundamental questions.

  4. Kevin B. Williams

    You got it Adam, thanks for the real information. Keep reaching out, your work is for the better good. I appreciate your efforts to bring truth and your genuine passion for help people.

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